Zebra Cactus 2” Plus Clay Pot – Haworthia Fasciata

The dark green thick leaves are decorated with white horizontal Zebra-like stripes.  The leaves forms rosettes and have small not very sharp spikes on the edges.

The Zebra Cactus is so easy to grow it is often recommended as a plant for beginners!

A Zebra Cactus is a small plant that is slow growing making it an ideal container plant.

This interesting striped plant is also known as Zebra Plant, White Stripe Aloe, Zebra Haworthia, and Haworthia Zebra.  Since it is sometimes called White Stripe Aloe and due to its shape and form, it has often been mislabeled as an aloe. This Zebra Cactus is not actually a cactus or an aloe.

Zebra Cactus 2”, Haworthia Fasciata, Plus Clay Pot

Mature Size:  4” tall; 6-8” spread

The Zebra Cactus is often used in xeriscape landscaping because of its drought tolerance.  

Light:  The Zebra Plant prefers full sun but will still do well in partial shade.  It is often recommended as a perfect addition to your office.

Because of its hardy nature and unusual appearance it is an ideal gift for any occasion.

If you  enjoy your new plant, when it reaches mature size it will start producing pups from its root system.  These may be gently removed and started as young Zebra Cactus. You can also cut a leaf from your cactus, let the cut end harden, and then plant in moist soil.  The cutting will eventually root and develop into a healthy plant.

If you decide not to remove the pups as your Zebra Cactus matures, you will then have a very attractive tight clump of plants.

Watering:  This plant needs to be placed in a pot with drainage holes.  Water your cactus deeply when the soil has completely dried. Wait to water again after the soil has completely dried.

2 Inch Haworthia Fasciata – Zebra Cactus

ABOUT PACKAGE:  Your package will be shipped in a box and meticulously bubble wrapped. When opening your package, some soil may be loose in the box.  Plant orders are shipped within 3-5 days depending on availability of the plant.

The plant may appear dry or stressed when you receive it.  Simply place the pot in a bright location without direct sunlight for a few days.  Then you can begin watering the plant, gradually introducing more sunlight, and watching it thrive.

The true Haworthia fasciata is a hard to find succulent.  The different variety called Haworthia attenuata is often mislabeled as Haworthia fasciata.  Almost all of the Haworthia fasciata for sale online are mislabeled and are actually Haworthia attenuata.

Here is your opportunity to get the real Zebra Cactus, Haworthia fasciata!

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