White Ceramic Round Succulent Pot and Saucer

This white ceramic 8” round succulent pot and saucer is perfect for any home or office.  It is just the right size to plant a beautiful succulent arrangement. Also included is a ceramic saucer (tray) to contain water drainage.

White Ceramic Round Succulent Pot and Saucer

Simple and versatile. High quality and great value.

Bring modern elegance and natural beauty into your home with this mini planter pot.

The white finish and the sleek, round design of this small succulent planter help give your home the perfect touch of modern style.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Succulent Pot
  • 1 x Removable Saucer

Note: Plant is not included

Succulent Pot and Drainage Tray – Round White Ceramic

  • Perfect for smaller herbs or for larger succulents
  • Bring modern elegance to your plants with this round white ceramic plant pot.
  • Water draining hole at the base.
  • Boasts a removable water draining dish.
  • Approximate Pot Dimensions: 8.0”, 8.0”, 2.5 inch.
  • Approximate Tray Dimensions: 7.5”, 7.5, 0.49 inch.

It is almost mandatory to have a hole in your succulent pot since succulents need very good drainage.  This ceramic succulent pot has a drilled hole in the bottom to aid in adequate drainage. The good looking tray will prevent water from spilling on cabinets, windowsills or plant stands.

The pot may seem a little shallow but it is just fine for smaller slow growing succulents.  Many succulents do not need a deep pot for their root systems.

This succulent pot works best indoors but it can be placed outside in a covered area.

The stylish white color will match and fit in with any decor.  Being a neutral color will help the succulents themselves to pop out and be the center of attention.

This elegant and versatile succulent pot will look great anywhere in your home.  The smaller size makes it ideal to even use as a table centerpiece. A quality succulent pot is essential to make your plants look great!

Click through to see a smaller size similar round pot as well as a rectangle one that are also available.  Both of these come with bamboo drainage trays.  Mix and match any of these sizes and shapes to display your succulent arrangements.

Click through to view 6 more photos!

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