Various Succulents and How to Identify Them

This is an interesting video quickly identifying various succulents. There are many succulent varieties shown and described.   Also, if you have ever wondered whether those brightly colored small succulents are natural this is an interesting discussion about them.

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Identify Various Succulents

For today I’m taking you with me to Home Depot so we can identify some more succulents.  Home Depot just purchased this big batch of succulents right on top of this table and the best thing is that they’re carrying some of my favorite succulents such as a graptosedum, graptophyllum, golden sedum, echeveria golden glow, sedum lime gold, Graptosedum ‘California Sunset’, one of your favorites, and Aemonium Blushing Beauty a succulent that I shall own very soon.  ‘String of Bananas’ anyone?  However here are some beautiful arrangements ready to go – so pretty.

The best thing is that this Kalanchoe  beharensis can grow as large as a tree. However, these Minima cannot.  Don’t you love how big these succulents are? These are Agaves have gorgeous colors and will look great with any type of arrangement.   Behind are some ‘Fire Sticks’.  There’s the Aeonium ‘Blushing Beauty’ and a bloom of an Aloe.

Here is the big picture of everything that is settled down on the table for people to purchase and an Echeveria ‘Misty Lilac’, a rosette shaped succulent – one of my favorites.  Here are some flowers that I wanted to show you due to their vibrant colors.  It made me really happy just seeing all of this and I thought I’d share it with you.  There’s so many bright colors.  I love it.  Now we’re into the goodies.  Here’s an a Aeonium ‘Kiwi’.  This one is shaped like a tree so whenever it starts extending it stems it starts looking more like a small tree which I love.

For the remainder of this video I’ll be picking up succulents and showing you their identifications so you can better understand who they are and where they come from and to make it easier for you to research them online.  A little bit wild – looks like filler –  Opuntia Monacantha Vulgaris Monstrose – Gymnocalycium mihanovinchii ‘Hibotan’.  They’re so freaking cute. Oh my goodness; look at this.  It’s called a Prickly Parsnip ‘Snow’.  I guess the miniature ones are also called that.   It’s a little cutie pie;  it’s called a Mammallaria Bocasana.  This is a Beavertail Cactus Opuntia Species.  Why do I feel like these are spray-painted?  Why do I feel like these are spray painted? Is it true and is this real?  I think these are spray painted; this is horrible.  I – that’s what I thought because look at right here.  Are they really like that?  I can tell by this one because it’s peeling away the paint.  I think they could die.

In this, well, two different types of colors – blooms – er – no no.  This is someone else’s bloom.   Well these are little babies, Mammillaria Elegans.  Look at that.  It looks like it has a huge balloon.  It must get a lot of good nutrition.  What are these –  Opuntia Hybrid Crest ‘Roller Coaster’.  What the heck – are you kidding me?  Opuntia ‘Joseph’s Coat’ – okay but that’s not cool to make … Tiger Jaws.   I have some of these.  There’s a few types of these and one of them is a little bit more bright and pink and then the other ones a little bit more purple.  I have both of them and they never really quite bloomed like this.

An Echeveria Frosty; huh.  I think this might be one that I want to talk about.  It doesn’t look green; it almost looks blue. Isn’t that crazy.   Look at that.  It is a Pilosocersus Species.  That’s what you get for messing with cactus.  Here’s another one; this is in better shape.  This is so beautiful.  What is it?  I’ve seen this one before; it’s pretty good.  This one looks a little bit stretched out and might need a little bit more sun to be completely honest.   [Music] Do you think it’s about to bloom; is that what those little hairs mean?  I think it is and or is just developing more equal spines because I do see that there’s some texture in hairs within the center of all this spines.

Got me!  People come on out; I can do a better job than this.  Scrap the film. That is so cute; never seen this one.  It looks like you never seen this.  It has half stripes; some type of color.  They must have messed it up.  These are so much better guys.  That looks like cancer doesn’t it.  I mean I have you ever thought about how plants get cancer?  Is this just some other type of – no it seems to be the same species but for some reason it is developing – oh – okay.  It’s just a really thick stem but is that why?  It just starts – you know – multiplying rapidly.  That is so strange to me and here’s another one.

[At 8:30 the audio ends but the camera still shows examples of the following succulents listed below.]

Echeveria Vera Higgens

Dwarf Ghost Plant

Opuntia ‘Gumbi’

Angel Wings Cactus

That was a fast and fun stroll through the succulent section of Home Depot. Going to a nursery or a home improvement store is a great way to get to know the names of various succulents.

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