Use a pH Tester for Testing Soil pH Levels

You will enjoy this video that points out the benefits of testing soil pH of your potted plants. A pH tester is an inexpensive device that will quickly let you know if the soil is too acidic or too alkaline. Using a pH probe is simple and accurate. It takes the guess work out of optimizing the soil for your succulents and other plants.

David of Productive Gardens with another tip to help you get the most out of your edible garden. To ensure your crops are growing to their full potential it’s important to do a pH test of the soil every six or twelve months at least. Whether your plants are growing in garden soil or in potting mix in it like in a container like this it is quite important because even though you might be putting plenty of fertilizer on if the pH is to way far off the plants won’t be able to absorb those nutrients. It is really easy to do. These little soil test kits very easy to use that allows for hundreds of uses so it’ll last for many years and very well worthwhile getting. It’s just a matter of taking a few samples of soil from the area you’re looking at testing.

Use a pH Tester Kit to Check Soil pH

It comes with a liquid it’s just a matter of mixing it up into a paste. Just a few drops and then just apply this reactor powder that comes with it as well. So you just put that on there then point quickly that’ll change color and then it’s just a matter of matching up that color with a little color chart that comes with it. Ideally you’re sort of looking for something between six and seven on the pH scale for most most of the herbs.

In this case it’s extremely acidic that’s what a matching up to allow four and a half which is it’s way too acidic especially some of these Mediterranean herbs I’ve got here like the Thyme and the Rosemary. So what I’ll be doing to raise that pH up is using some dolomite. This particular one is really nice and easy to use. It’s a liquid form, it’s just a matter of adding some to an indoor watering can and just sprinkling on. So I’ll probably give it two doses a couple of weeks apart just to try and raise that pH up a bit. This also supplies calcium and magnesium to the plants which are other nutrients that they really need. Find out any more about the soil test kit jump on the website of your Productive Gardens…

Until next time, happy harvesting.

Our Summary: This video describes a way to test soil pH with a kit using a liquid along with test strips. It is much easier to use a hand held pH tester or as some people call it a pH meter. They cost very little and can be used over and over again.  The better ones are accurate and will let you know if you need to supplement your potting soil to increase or decrease the pH level. If the pH meter reading shows that the soil is to acidic you can add some dolomite to raise the pH level.

Your succulents and other plants will be much healthier if they love the soil they are in. Testing pH levels will help you provide the correct soil pH so your plants will be able to absorb more nutrients.

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