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Tall Indoor or Outdoor Succulent Planter – Antique Copper Finish

Large Decorative Antique Copper Succulent Planter

This stunning pot has been designed to use as a planter with a removable insert for maintaining a live plant.  The solid construction and style also makes it perfect to hold large items or just as a decoration.

The 33 inch high size allows it to be easily displayed on the floor or as a centerpiece for a large table.  The distinctive elegant but earthy look will fit in with any type of decor in your office or home.  It will look great inside with houseplants, on an outside patio or around a swimming pool area. 

The size and attractiveness of this planter make it a great pot for an office or home foyer and entryway.  It can be filled with single or multiple succulents.

Customer ratings for this stunning vase can be summed up:

  • “great planter”
  • “prettier in person”
  • “great product and fantastic customer service”
  • “Beautiful”
  • “beautiful and well made”
  • “Five Stars”

The result is a perfect 5 Star Rating!

  • Hand crafted from rust resistant stainless steel
  • Antique copper finish interplay’s with the environment as only rich coppery tones can
  • Large, decorative planter finished with a clear lacquer
  • Substantial materials add class to this stately planter
  • The sleek look of this modern planter graces any location
  • Approximately 15 inches square at widest, 33 inches high
  • Insert for planting is approximately 11 inches deep
  • Base of planter approximately 10 inches wide

You can always count on outstanding quality products from the H Potter company.  They design and manufacture their own products to exacting standards.  They produce some of the most popular succulent pots on the market.

This succulent planter is lighter than it may look and is easy to move around even when it is filled with soil and plants.  It has a beautiful blended discolored copper look.

One of these on each side, just outside of a front door would be perfect to be welcoming and to add class and distinction to your home.

Enjoy the long lasting durable construction and craftsmanship.  There is a grate in the bottom so you have the option to fill the base with rocks to add for stability if you are using heavier plants.

An outstanding feature is the 11 inch insert.  Planting, watering and maintenance is especially easy using this insert. 

To see 6 more photographs click through now.  The photos show how the insert works and has all the dimensions of the planter.

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