Talavera Succulent Bowl – Large Colorful Design

Large Traditional Talavera Bowl for Succulents

The traditional hand painted design of this colorful bowl is an excellent way to display bright, colorful succulents and cacti.  The bowl does not have a hole. It can best be used as a beautiful container to encase already small potted succulents. The plants can then be easily removed for watering and maintenance.

Size: LARGE – 16” W x 4” D; opening 13.5” W

Color: Multi colored Mexican design.

Talavera Succulent Bowl Features

  • Fired at high temperatures and glazed
  • Made in Mexico
  • Great for the home or outdoor garden
  • Our Talavera Pottery is hand painted in Mexico by highly skilled artisans.  Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the picture shown.  No two pieces are exactly alike.  Please be aware of this when placing an order.

Caution:  Talavera pottery is not frost or freeze proof.  Like your favorite plants, Talavera pots must be taken indoors before any danger of frost.   It should not be used in a greenhouse or other places of high humidity.  Do not allow water or wet mulch to sit in the pot.

If you want to plant directly into the pot you can always carefully drill 2-3 holes in the bottom of the container.  It is essential for succulents to have good draining soil.

There are numerous beautiful and unique succulents that native to Mexico and South America.  Why not display some of these in this one-of-a-kind Talavera succulent bowl.  It is hard to find a bowl this size, especially one that is not just a boring plain container.

Sometimes you just need a little bit more color or drama to make your succulent displays pop out.  In the right setting this Talavera pot might be just the right container.  It would look great in a kitchen or anywhere outside, especially on a porch or patio!

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