Succulents that Purify Air of Radiation

Succulents that purify air are easy to grow and look great in your home or office.  In this video, according to Mandy, succulents can clean radiation from the air that comes from our Wi-Fi, cell phones and other electronic devices. Be sure to also read about the six plants that are the best air purifying succulents.

Hey guys it’s Mandy and welcome to my channel. If you’ve never been and if you have been before, welcome back. Wow, lately I’ve been hearing about how plants absorb radiation. That’s something that I worry about even though we might turn off our Wi-Fi at night or turn off our cell phones we still can’t exactly get away from radiation it’s everywhere we live in a wireless world and so I thought this was really cool. I always knew that plants kind of clean the air and provided a fresh environment but I heard this and I was like Mandy you need to get some plants so I did.

I raced to the store I bought a whole bunch of succulents because I thought they would be really easy to take care of and I bought a whole bunch of echevarias. I potted them and I spread them all over my house. I made sure that there was one on each side of the bed, one for me one and for my fiancé. I put them in all the rooms and then after I was done with all that I actually started to do some research and found out exactly why plants are so amazing and make your home so wonderful and comfortable.

Besides just radiation there are toxins everywhere there are toxins in your cleaning products toxins in your upholstery in your carpet and you’re treated wood. They’re everywhere and now you have a clean home. There’s still bacteria and dust and plants help to reduce all that how cool is that. They also provide a more uplifting stress-free warm work environment. They reduce cold like symptoms like cough sore throat stuffy nose.

Succulents that Purify Air of Radiation

Aloe is dubbed as the air cleaning expert and actually signals for help within excessively harmful air. How cool is that? Aloe absorbs formaldehyde carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Cacti are the best in reducing radiation bacteria.

There are tons of studies that show you this and I’ll link a couple of the websites that I found below but if you have houseplants in your home you don’t need any studies to tell you this because I it was literally maybe like the next day of having all of these plants in my home that I just the vibe of my house changed. It just felt cleaner fresher more uplifting. It was brighter it just felt lighter it was like some cloud had been lifted off of my house. It was like I could breathe again. I felt freer.  It just is amazing and you can really tell the difference immediately. So there’s no excuse y’all need to go get some plants. Plants are super cute. Succulents especially are super trendy right now.

So decorate your house even if that’s the only reason you get plants and reap the benefits they’re super awesome. In this video I’m gonna be showing you how I repotted my plants and my hope is that I motivate you to go out purchase some plants and beautify your home make it bright and clean and fresh and anyways here’s how I did it. Let’s go ahead and get straight into the video.

[The next 5 minutes is video without dialog showing how she potted her various succulents.]

Thanks for watching my video today guys. I hope you enjoyed it and like I said I hope that I motivated you to go out and buy even just one plant to beautify your home to make it more comfortable have fresher breathe in fresher air.


Thanks for watching y’all I hope you all have a wonderful week. Bye.

Our Conclusion/summary:  Mandy is enthusiastic in this video and describes the immediate health benefits of putting lots of succulents in her home.  The succulents clean the air of toxins making everyone feel better.  She also shows some creative ways to pot her succulents so they are attractive additions to her home.

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