Succulent Plant Pots – Flowing Glaze Ceramic Cactus Planters

Set of two adorable succulent plant pots.   These flowing glaze ceramic cactus planters will accentuate any type of succulent you want to display.  The 2 ceramic succulent planters will look charming anywhere in your home or office.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 4.3 x 4.3 x 3 inches.

Ultra-Hard Quality  Our plant pots are made of kaolin and the best workmanship. Don’t worry about it since these will not be broken easily.

What’s In the Package?  Two Bottle Pots with Chocolate Black design.  The beautiful shades of brown and orange are dramatic but will not overpower the plant you use.  These are cute but they are also succulent pots that would work great in a “man-cave.”

Great Breath-ability:  Ceramic makes the soil more breathable, and the plant will be healthier.

Set of 2 Glazed Ceramic Succulent Plant Pots

There is a single drainage hole on the bottom of each pot.  Drainage holes are ideal for growing succulents which should never be left in standing water.  They come with some cloth that can be used to cover the drainage holes to stop debris.  We do not recommend that you use this.  It is best for succulents that they completely drain each time you water them.

It is recommended that you plant slow growing succulents in these small pots.  They can also be used for propagating succulents that you intend to repot in larger planters later.

If you plan to use these outside on a porch or patio they would look best on a table or a plant stand.

These would be perfect for an office desk where there is minimal space for a succulent pot.

These pots are on the small size which means they can be place anywhere.  They make great wedding decorations.  These are great for gifts of any occasion.

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