Soil Test Kit – pH Meter, Soil Moisture Meter and Light Meter

This video is a quick overview of one of the many soil test kit moisture meters that also has a pH meter and a plant light meter. It demonstrates how to use the various functions of the tester. It is very similar to the soil moisture meter that we recommend. You can read our review of the Bodear 3-in-1 Soil Tester Kit with Moisture, pH Value and Light Sensor.

Today I’ll be doing a quick overview and the demonstration of the HealthyWiser 3-way meter. It measures light moisture and pH level in your soil. It is indoor and outdoor usable and no battery required. So what you get is basically this probe stick with a meter head and in the reading on top with a needle and two probe sticks that stick into the ground.

Soil Test Kit Moisture Meter, pH and Plant Light Meter

And here is the back, made in China. Description, insert probe tip root level always clean tip up to use. And I am going to test the light. So I’m outdoors now and just watch the needle just for a demonstration purpose. I’m going to turn it to light setting which is the middle and as you can see the needle went all the way to the right which is it says dark light. Two thousand I believe this is lumens but well it’s bright outside so that explains the light. I’m going to go ahead and put my finger over that sensor and show that as you can see it’s the reading went all the way to the left. It was all the way right now all the way left. That’s a lot, so this actually works right you can see.

Now we’re going to do is we’re going to test the moisture level in this pot of soil. It should be wet because it rained yesterday or this morning and I’m going to put it all the way down. As a tip, do not put it halfway you guys, stick the probe all the way down. Okay so go ahead and put all the way down and as you can see it’s at between seven and eight, it’s wet. And I already knew that it’s wet. What I’m going to do I’m going to put pour some water into there and see if it if it goes jumps even further. Hold on a sec, I’m going to put some water at the root here and see if… the probe detects that amount of water. Between seven and eight, I’m going to take the probe out and when we stick it and it’s reading wet, 10. So it changed. Right so yeah, so that’s working.

Now we’re going to do is acidity. Take that out… and… put it at that level and I guess the acidity of the soil is more acidic as you can see. When I take that out it’s just between 4 just after 6 here we have acidic level. Alright, you are something between 7 and 6.5. reading for outdoor plants. So as you can see the reading when I put the probe halfway down compared to all the way down it’s different. Alright so that’s why you always want to put that probe down all the way down to root level. That’s my pH of my front door grass between 8 and 7. So that is how this particular device works.  It will be the soil moisture meter from HealthyWiser completely so no batteries needed.

Also to note, in the back of this package there is a chart them for what these plants are requiring light and moisture level and also a directions for pH level. So yeah so I like to thank you for watching this quick overview and demonstration of the 3-Way meter, moisture, pH and light.

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Our Summary: The device used is not the best light meter or soil moisture meter with pH sensor on the market. The video does demonstrate how to use the device, however, and most of these soil moisture meters are similar.

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