Soil Moisture Sensor Review with Light Meter, and pH Meter

This soil moisture sensor review video reviews the Hold All Moisture and pH Meter. Todd demonstrates how to use it in a variety of ways.

Soil moisture meters are a very beneficial tool for maintaining healthy houseplants and for your garden. That is also true for the plant light meter and the pH meter. Using these gauges is an inexpensive and accurate way to create the ideal growing conditions for your plants.

We don’t actually recommend the “Hold All” as the best soil moisture meter. We still posted this video along with the transcript because the way it is demonstrated is the same way almost all of these meters work.  To read about the 3-in-1 sensor that we do recommend go to our soil moisture meter review.

Hi guys! It’s Todd here. I’m getting ready to do a product review on the Hold All Moisture and pH as well as light meter here. So I just bought this from Lowe’s. If I open this with one hand that out pull it out. Let’s see we are set up you can see it has a switch on here, one for moisture, light and pH.

Soil Moisture Sensor Review – Light Intensity Meter, pH Meter

So right now we’re set for pH. Shove that thing down on the ground and see where we’re on up to. So hello there Marky…[his dog runs through the video] So we go up to right around 7 so it’s saying that our pH is almost neutral right here. Then flip that there with moisture and it says it we’re pretty moist. Which we would be here I just had a bunch of leaves on the spot and I undid it yesterday so I have some other areas I’ll test here as well as braking next year.

This is the one that I just saw today all muddy just a half an hour ago and as you can see the moisture definitely works because we’re almost pegged on that. So this is one I took the hose you can see is down about two inches here because the water is out. Let’s try pH to see if it registers any different. No we’re still about right around 7 right around neutral on the pH there.

And there’s also a light meter here so it says to… try to get my finger off the mic here… to go to light cover it up and then see where the light goes. And on the back of the sheet here it gives an amount of light as well as a pH that is good for various different plans so you can compare the pH and the light for what’s good… good for your plant.

So, so far everything on this is working. I’m happy to see that compared to the last one failure I had to start over. So I’m gonna walk over here into an area that haven’t had that much rain lately. So I watered this pot this morning so I would expect for it and get a wet moisture reading and it didn’t move that much so that one’s about middle-of-the-road.

This one hasn’t been watered in a while and we’re getting about the same there so I wonder a little bit about this moisture meter. See it’s got fairly decent soil a lot of humus to it so it might be reading ok.

I’m going so let’s go to pH and I am almost alkaline on this one. See if I look at it straight on here but I’m about seven and a half. Possibly gonna read a little different than on your other areas of property. And this one is about the same about seven and a half. So everything’s right around seven, seven and a half. So I figured I’d be more acidic here. So anyhow this one seems to work okay.

I don’t really have anything to compare it against yet. We’ll do have other tests in the test tube that I’m running so we’ll see how all that runs later today and do some comparisons. Okay and as a follow up here for the Hold All Electronic Moisture and pH meter my recommendation on this is it seems to work great. It doesn’t have as much information as the chemical test kit that I did in another YouTube video but the pH definitely does work on it.

I took it over to my mother’s place ran several tests there several other tests around the yard here over my mother she has a Holly and I know it’s very acid in that area and this definitely showed on the meter a little more to the acid side. So it went down to the five, five and a half range. So whereas at my house here I didn’t get quite as much the moisture also showed very dry and a couple areas over there because I can’t remember what I have watered and haven’t watered here. That’s probably why I need a moisture meter so to make sure I don’t overwater stuff…

The funny the funny thing is the one that I have to recommend against was actually the most expensive it was a twenty dollar device…

Well, so that’s it for today.

Our Summary: It is evident from this demonstration that it is possible to create a much more beneficial environment for most of our plants. Providing the best growing conditions involves helping our plants have the right light, soil and water. Using an inexpensive 3-in-1 soil moisture probe, light intensity meter and pH level meter is a great way to accurately know what adjustments you may need to make.

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