Soil Moisture Meter Demonstration

This video is a simple soil moisture meter demonstration showing how it can be used to test the dampness of the soil in your houseplants. The product used in the demonstration has just one probe. That means that it tests soil moisture but not the pH lever or the light conditions. A soil dampness meter will help you check the plant soil water level to get an accurate way of testing soil moisture. In just a few minutes you will have an answer to the question, “How do I know if I need to water a plant?” Another video also highlights how to use a soil moisture tester.

Hello from the Garden Shop dot ie product demonstration video. In this video we want to show you one of our range of soil testing equipment we have on our website. And this is the soil moisture meter. So this is a simple product 3d and you simply place this a pointed end down into your soil and that allows you to assess the water levels in the soil and just do a quick demonstration here.

Soil Moisture Meter Demonstration

The first part we have here is a drier soil so when you simply push the indicator down into the soil and you can just catch the meter here. Which this reads dry, adequate or moist conditions or drawing moist or wet soil conditions. Okay and then I removed from this done in between a test you should clean the the tip here and I’m going to put it into this smaller class here which is quite wet soil. So we’ll just push it down in here and see if you can see the very wet conditions in the soil.

So what a product like this then has a number of uses. One the obvious ones then which is […?…] the most common occurrence that you might find is you have pots in your house and there are containers in the garden and you can’t determine are they too dry or too wet. A little a product like this will help you how to determine whether you need to water in your plants. You can also then use this in your garden soil just to determine the type of soil where you have a freely draining soil or a very moist soil and then the product again can also be used to calibrate irrigation systems in your house or in your greenhouse or in your garden.

So it’s a quite handy product and in doing things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do. So it’s the soil moisture meter and product available [everywhere].

Our Summary: As mentioned in the video a soil moisture meter can be used indoors or outside with a wide variety of plants. It is an inexpensive and fast way to determine how often to water plants. This is particularly important with succulents. Many succulents do better when they are kept on the dry side. With some succulents it is difficult to tell if you are over watering until it is too late. A soil moisture gauge is a handy way to know for sure if it is time to water or if you should still wait awhile. So buy a soil moisture meter and enjoy watering plants again!

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