Round Clay Embossed Succulent Bonsai Pot

Any succulents will look spectacular in the round clay embossed bonsai pot.  There are many succulents that make great bonsai plants such as the Dwarf Jade Plant.  Most of the bonsai pots that you find are very simple with no extra design. This bonsai pot has beautiful embossed scenes with flowers and birds.  The design is still subtle enough that it will not steal from the succulents you decide to plant in it.

This bonsai pot will make a wonderful party, housewarming or business gift.  Many bonsai pots are rectangle so it is nice to find a unique round planter.

Succulent Bonsai Pot Features

  • Well crafted bonsai or succulent pot
  • The surface has a floral embossed design
  • Thick quality manufactured clay
  • Dimensions: L: 13.8 inch, W:10.2 inch, H: 4.72 inch
  • Also comes in a larger 17.1 inch size

It is made with a thick clay so it is sturdy and functional and will last for many years.  It is over 4 inches high so it can handle almost any variety of succulent.

It has two holes in the bottom so it will drain well when watered which is perfect for succulents.  It is also designed with a raised ridge around the bottom with slits. This allows that water to drain away from the bottom of the pot itself.  It would be a good idea to place the bonsai pot in a sink or on a tray when you water your succulent. Leave it there for an hour or so and this will prevent water from draining onto furniture or somewhere else you don’t want it.

Clay Bonsai Pot – Round

This bonsai pot will look great on a coffee table in an office, kitchen, den or anywhere else in the house.

Click through to see 3 more photos or to choose the larger 17.1 inch size!

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