Rectangular Succulent Planter with Drip Tray – Textured Gray Cement

Add a contrasting pop of color to your desk, shelf or tabletop with this cement planter.  Once full of vibrant succulents or various herbs, this cement pot will allow your greenery to shine while its muted tones and textured surface creates a natural stone appearance.

A small hole has been placed in the bottom of the planter to allow water to naturally drain through the plant’s soil and help promote healthy plant life.  A removable drip tray is perfect for catching excess water so it doesn’t spill onto any surface.  So create an industrial elegance in any room with this cement gray planter pot.

Succulent Planter Features

  • Garden rectangular concrete planter with white and gray finish.
  • Features a textured stone like exterior with removable drip tray.
  • Perfect for faux plants or plants that require minimal watering like succulents, herbs or cacti.
  • Removable tray is for decorative purpose only. There is no drainage hole in the planter.
  • Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 3.75 H X 8.0 W X 3.25 D.

**Plants displayed are not included**

Rectangle Succulent Planter with Drip Tray

Caution:  It is advertised with a drainage hole but later describes it as not having a hole.  Some purchasers say it is not always completely drilled through. Drainage is very important for succulents.  If you get one without a hole you can drill one yourself or return the product.

This great looking succulent will look good in any home with almost any decor.  It is also distinctive enough to fit in great in an office or a man-cave.  The natural rock looking texture make your succulents pop out and look extra special!  This is perfect for someone that wants a unique succulent planter but doesn’t want it to look too cute or polished.

Click through for 5 more close-up photos of this succulent planter.

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