Rare Aporocactus flagelliformis Rat Tail Cactus 4" Pot

Rat Tail Cactus 4″ Hanging Basket – Rare Aporocactus flagelliformis

Rat Tail Cactus in a 4″ Pot Ready to Hang

The Rat Tail Cactus, Aporocactus flagelliformis, is also called Rattail Cactus and Rat’s Tail Cactus. It is also sold as Disocactus flagelliformis.

This unusual cactus is easy to grow and eventually produces stems that gracefully extend over the side of the pot.  In the spring or early summer the plant may produce glorious fairly large tubular bright pink to red blooms that can be up to 3” long.  These flowers only last 1-3 days but they may be the the most spectacular cactus flowers you will ever see!  New flowers will form as earlier ones die off.

The unique stems of the Rat Tail Cactus will grow down from a hanging pot up to 4 feet.

Some comments from the online reviews are:

  • Well branched
  • Beautiful and quite healthy
  • Smallish plant, but … looks good
  • Arrived in excellent condition
  • Great product for the price

4″ Rat Tail Cactus Features

This Rat Tail Cactus will look good inside by any window or it would be perfect on a back patio.  Make sure you hang it high enough for the stems to grow down without being a menace to children or pets.  Some people like to hang it over a table or other furniture for that reason.

Be careful:  The tiny almost fuzzy looking needles may look harmless but the spines (thorns) on the Rat Tail Cactus are very sharp and painful!

Most healthy plants have numerous stems and these are easily propagated if you want more plants.

Tips:  It works well to put a layer of sphagnum moss on the bottom of your hanging pot before you add the cactus soil.  This provides better drainage and your plant will thrive.  You may also find it good to repot this plant once a year.  Also you will get more flowers if you occasionally give it some good quality cactus fertilizer.

Very Easy to Grow – 4″ Hanging Basket Pot Rat Tail Cactus from jmbamboo estimated delivery 2-3 days.

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