Premium Goatskin Leather Garden Glove | Thorn & Cut Proof | Long Cowhide Cuff

Anyone that enjoys growing cactus and other succulents outdoors will need a pair of heavy duty garden gloves.  These premium goatskin leather garden gloves are the best you can find.  These goatskin leather gardening gloves will protect your hands while landscaping and doing general outdoor chores.  Gloves of this quality and durability usually cost much more.

Goatskin Leather Garden Gloves Description

  • KEEP YOUR HANDS SAFE & SOFT:  Since gardening is your hobby, then you know how scratched, rough and weathered your hands get every time.  The Legacy Gardens gloves however, will protect your hands and enhance your gardening experience!  Plus, your hands will remain clean and soft without constantly using a moisturizer to bring them back to their original state!
  • THE ONLY GARDENING TOOL YOU’LL NEED:  Designed to be flexible, comfortable and durable, these gardening gauntlets will protect your hands from roses and other thorny shrubs.  They feature special-designed stitching around the thumb, making it much easier to grip garden tools even if you suffer from arthritis or other wrist and hand issues.
  • THE MOST DURABLE GARDEN GLOVES:  Made of 100% natural goat leather, our rose pruning gloves are completely cut and scratch resistant.  In fact, they are exactly what professional rose gardeners use for maximum strength, durability and comfort.
  • THEY ALLOW YOUR HANDS TO BREATHE:  Our premium garden gauntlets are meant to take your gardening projects to the next level which is exactly why they are an entirely natural, hypoallergenic and antibacterial product, made from breathable, A-Grade goatskin leather.
  • NO CUTS & GRAZES OR YOUR MONEY BACK:  Not 100% satisfied with our gardening gloves?  Well, you’ll be the first one!  However, if that does happen, rest assured our product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  So what are you still waiting for?

Would you like to perform ALL basic gardening and landscaping tasks without any tools?  Or better yet, would you like to have all your gardening tools right at your hands’ fingertips?  Well, now you can! Introducing The Ultimate Gardening Gloves By Legacy Gardens.  Gardening may be a relaxing hobby but it always comes with hand injuries, scratches, abrasions, wounds and sore fingers.  But these leather gardening gloves can and will help you.  It can be hard to find the best leather work gloves that are not extremely expensive.  These garden work gloves are a great find at a great price.

Each of the two Legacy Gardens gloves you will receive complement each other to make pruning thorny roses, composting and digging safe and easy.  The cut and puncture resistant goat leather cannot get cut through by rocks, thorns, twigs and scissors.  It’s time to forget all about skin irritations, knuckle pains and hand injuries!

This Glove…Fits Like A Glove!  Cheaply-made gardening gloves that fall apart after a few days of use and don’t even fit your hands properly is now a thing of the past.  Our heavy-duty gloves are the last pair of gloves you’ll ever have to buy!  They’re made from the highest quality, anti-tear, natural goatskin leather and they’re designed to survive any use and abuse!

3 More Reasons Why This Pair Of Yard Gloves Belongs Among Your Gardening Tools:

• They’re made from superior breathable, hypoallergenic materials that are 100% safe and comfortable on your skin

• They provide an excellent fit as long as you order the right size after carefully inspecting the size chart

• They’re ideal both for hot and cold weather, due to their thick, yet breathable construction

These Ultimate Garden Gloves are designed for heavy gardening chores.  It is not easy to find gloves with long cuffs like these have.  These heavy duty gardening gloves will not just protect your hands but also your forearms.  They will shield you hands and forearms from cuts and abrasions as well as dirt, grease and chemicals.

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