The Plant Air Purifier – Plant Air Cleaning Pot

This short video is produced by the actual manufacturer of the Plant Air Purifier.  This pot was engineered to accelerate the indoor airborne pollutants that are naturally removed by plants.  Most of the indoor pollution is removed by the roots of the plants, not the leaves.  The Plant Air Purifier is designed for maximum airflow across the roots of the plant for the most efficient removal of harmful toxins.  We have written a full Plant Air Purifier Review that gives more details.  Enjoy the video and the transcription below.

“I’m Aletha a mechanical engineer at US Health Equipment company.  I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering.  USHECO is one of the few manufacturing companies still left in this area.  We do plastic manufacturing for other medical device companies.  USHECO was started in 1961 by my grandfather.  My dad started around the age of 20 and has been working for the company ever since.  I started myself about 12 years ago.

The Plant Air Purifier

The average person breathes 60 pounds of air a day.  Unfortunately, most toxins enter the body through the air.  Indoor air is more polluted with things like benzene, formaldehyde, dust allergens and pet dander.  The EPA actually ranks indoor air quality as one of the top five health risks.  Here’s the amazing part. Plants are Earth’s natural solution for cleaning and repairing the air and they’re brilliant at removing harmful airborne pollutants.

Through NASA research scientist Dr. Bill Wolverton created the Plant Air Purifier.  The Plant Air Purifier removes a long list of dangerous pollutants from the air and is over a hundred times more effective than your typical house plant grown in soil.  The Plant Air Purifier is really an air filtration system.  The fan inside the planter pulls air down through activated carbon that the plant is growing in and which also happens to be where air pollutants are captured and held.

The pollutants are then broken down by the microbes and the plant feeds on their byproducts.  The Plant Air Purifier humidifies and filters the air of harmful toxins leaving the air smelling clean and fantastic.  We have just completed our prototype of a smaller less expensive model of the award-winning Plant Air Purifier.  Thank you for watching and we hope that you share in our passion for helping people to live healthier lives.”

It is good to see that the company that manufactures the Plant Air Purifier for Dr. Wolverton and his team is passionate about making a great product.  It gives you more confidence knowing that the company making this product has a long history of making health and medical devices.  Anyone with toxic indoor air in their home or office should consider a Plant Air Purifier to work synergistically with their houseplants to purify the indoor air.

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