Plant Air Purifier Benefits and Uses

This short video highlights many Plant Air Purifier benefits and points out how to use it in the best way.  This specially designed pot helps plants to purify the air more efficiently.  At the time of this video, these plant containers were just starting to be produced and they cost over $200.  Now they now have an improved design and are less than a $100.  Read our Plant Air Purifier Review here.

“Hello this is Joyce, Channel 4 MBN and News Video Web.  We are here at Consumer Product Events and you know Earth Day is coming up and you’re always curious what you can do to make your home buyer in just a little bit better.

Raleigh you’ve got a treat for us don’t you?

Plant Air Purifier Benefits

We certainly do!  The Plant Air Purifier.  Every home should have one.

Now don’t plants purify your air anyway?

They certainly do however our plant air purifier is a little bit special.  It takes Mother Nature and amplifies it times 100.  Wouldn’t you rather have one plant versus a hundred plants?

It’s a lot easier to keep track of.

Certainly, certainly it does.

So can you go ahead and show this to me this was really kind of intriguing.

Absolutely, the Plant Air Purifier takes nature’s ability to remove toxins and chemicals, dust, dander and allergens through the roots.  The roots in fact are nature’s dynamo.  They really are the part that removes those kinds of toxins much more readily than leaves do and this is proven by NASA research and research continued by Dr. Bill Wolverton based out of Mississippi in his Wolverton Environmental Sciences organization.  This Plant Air Purifier has a fan inside and instead of soil you have a specially treated rock and carbon media that allow the air to get inside to the roots and along the roots there are microbes that are actually eating the chemicals and toxins converting them into water and plant.  It’s amazing!  This product you can run 24 hours and it will clean a room that’s 10 x 18 every hour.

Really? Yes. Do you need to put that on rollers to move from room to room then?

No it operates just like a house plant you come up with a nice location.  It requires a little bit of water periodically refilling it about once a week some light and there are 12 plants that have been identified that work best for this product.

Twelve plants?  Twelve plants.

Well there’s a Snake Plant and there is the Dracaena.  I’ll get you the list.

Okay well part of it, you can always look on the website can’t you?

You probably have the list on your website right?

Yes,  plantairpurifier dot com.

So they can always go ahead and look at that and then we were talking about NASA.

Now you’ve got two colors that you’re showcasing right here.  One is you know kind of like eggshell.

Yes and one it is black and one is a off-colored off white colored egg shell and we plan in time to launch additional colors perhaps even additional sizes.  This product will be launched again on Earth Day which is April twenty second and the price point will be in the low $200s.

Actually that’s really pretty cool Raleigh because you could actually you know if you don’t need a hundred plants so you can just get one of these.  First of all you don’t probably have enough space nor to clutter all but this will make your life a whole lot easier especially for people that have allergens or concerns about the air quality for their family.

Did you know that bad indoor air is the number three and number five cause of disease and death in our country today? Really?  Yes it is.  This product, that should be in homes across the country, to help reduce their exposure to toxins and chemicals.  Which are really a serious environmental and health concern for people.  So it’s worth a small investment, a one-time investment, to put one of these in your home to clean the air and you have no filters to continuously replace that can become dirty and toxic themselves and it it looks attractive.

Raleigh, people would like to find out more information on the Internet, what’s your website again?

It is plantairpurifier dot com.

Coming to you Earth Day 2011, thanks.”

Breathing clean indoor air can have a profound effect on your overall health and well-being.  The Plant Air Purifier is an inexpensive way to naturally purify indoor air from dangerous toxins that can make us sick in many ways.

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