Organic Fertilizer by Dr. Earth Simplified

Many succulent growers have had tremendous success with Dr. Earth fertilizer, especially the organic “Root Zone” blend for cactus and other succulents.  Whatever type of cactus or other succulent that you are growing a premium organic fertilizer will help them grow even better.  Enjoy this video with Milo Shammas discussing the benefits of organic gardening.  All of the Dr. Earth products, from their various organic potting soil blends to their specifically formulated organic fertilizers, are scientifically crafted to produce the best results.

Good morning, my name is Milo Shammas. I am founder and formulator of Dr. Earth company. We started our business in 1992. We’re primarily an organic lifestyle company we manufacture products for the home gardener such as nutrients soils and insecticides, weed killers, a plethora of certified 100% safe organic lawn and garden products. We’re used by more certified organic gardeners than any other company in America.

Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer

Wouldn’t you say that’s true Paul? Well everybody is changing from the chemicals so that you’ve with your product you can rebuild the soil and that’s important to rebuild it every single year. Absolutely it’s very important. I was the first one to introduce biological components to soils and fertilizers and the reason why that they’re in there is to break down the organic nutrients. Without beneficial organisms, probiotics, organic materials will simply sit in the soil and they do not decompose.

So by having the probiotic component in there we can guarantee that the product works more quickly. It works more efficiently and it works holistically because everything is broken down digested and then the nutrients are released for the plant roots to absorb.

And at the end of the year your soil is better than it was when you began the previous year. Absolutely, because it’s more friable. The soil becomes much more friable. It becomes easier to work. Correct, exactly. So really what we’re doing is we’re building the soil as opposed to feeding the plants in the soil and this is one of the most important differences between what we do and what other folks do. We really feed the living soil so that the soil can take good care of itself. That’s the premise and that’s the real basis for Dr. Earth and what makes us completely different than everybody else.

And you changed the way that people garden. The days of ten-ten-ten and five-ten-five from the end of the Second World War. Those days are gone. This is the new technology of gardening.

You know what, you know what’s amazing paul, is that all I really did was identify what Mother Nature created millions of years ago and I put it in a bag called Dr. Earth.

So we’re just blessed. All I’ve been able to do is simply identify these great features, these components that make up a great product, bring them together and put them in the bag and that’s why we’ve built a very successful franchise because the products really work. All I’m doing is mimicking what Mother Nature’s done for millions of years.

Now on top of making fertilizers we also have an entire line of soils. The two products that are very well defined who we are as a company are Home Grown and Life. Life is an all-purpose pelletized fertilizer. It can be used any time of the year. It’s basically a throw and go. It’s been pelletized so it’s a slow release. This product can be used for edibles and ornamentals.

The other flagship product that we make is called Home Grown and it’s available in multiple sizes. This is a one pound size. It’s available in four pound, 12 pound, 25 pound and fifty pound sizes. And it’s basically for your home gardener that wants certified organic produce that they can really trust.

We also make a homegrown pesticide. So we can take care of everything in the garden organically. We fertilize it, we maintain it with soils and then we take care of the pests that may potentially visit your garden unwanted pests but they do pay us a visit. So we’ve got an entire product line that addresses everything.

We’re a complete lifestyle company.

On top of that we have a 100% organic weed killer. This is very important. There’s only this is very very advanced technology. This product will kill weeds within two and a half to three hours depending on the temperature. If the temperature is hotter it’ll obviously work closer to two hours if it’s a cooler day it may take it up to four or five hours to even work.

But we’re very excited about this product because we think it’s gonna really help gardeners and homeowners use products that they feel very safe with that they can use around their children and their pets. Very important to me personally. And it doesn’t hurt the soil. Not only does it not hurt the soil it builds the soil. Most of the other brand names they actually hurt the soil and with this you kill it and you can grow right into it the following day. Absolutely you can kill the plant and you can put another plant in its place within minutes that’s how safe the product is. But that also goes to show you how effective the product is. If you can kill something and plant something in its place within minutes you’ve got something really special on your hands. We’re very very proud of this product line. It’s called Final Stop and that’s our entire insecticide and fungicide line and weed killer line.

Our Summary:  You don’t necessarily need to fertilize all succulents.  There are so many types of succulents and they grow in a wide variety of environments.  Still, many experienced growers will apply a high quality organic fertilizer just to make sure their succulent will stay at the peak of health.  We have found that the Dr. Earth Root Zone formulation is the best organic succulent fertilizer.

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