One-Hand Pressure Sprayer – Solo 419 2-Liter, Ergonomic Grip

Solo 419 2-liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer

This pressure sprayer can be used for multiple purposes but it works great with outside succulent gardening.  Use it to water, mist or rinse off succulents and other plants.  Use it to fertilize or for weed control.  It is lightweight and even when filled with water it is easy to handle.

  • Chemical-resistant seals for outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals
  • Multi-directional nozzle for spraying from all positions and unique drift guard for added control on spot treatment
  • Locking trigger for reduced user fatigue
  • Pressure relief valve prevents excess pressure
  • 9.5-inch metal wand provides added reach

One-Hand Pressure Sprayer 2-liter – Solo 419

Lightweight and versatile, these sprayers are perfect for general spraying around your home both indoors and out.  Use it for weed control, gardening, auto and marine, livestock applications and more.   All offer many of the same features as our larger, professional sprayers.

Stop using the small inefficient spray bottles.  This pressure sprayer will speed up your watering and other tasks.

There are many dozens of reviews testifying to the durability and versatility of this one-hand pressure sprayer.

It is hard to tell from the photos but the spray head has a flex joint that makes it very adjustable for different needs.  It is even possible to spray on the under-side of leaves if necessary.

The extension wand is just the right size to extend your reach without being cumbersome or awkward to use.

It is also hard to tell from the pictures what the cup on the end of the nozzle is for.  This cup works great for reducing over-spray where you don’t want it.  The nozzle can be adjusted from a heavy stream to a light mist.

There are so many things you can do with this one-hand pressure sprayer but it excels for your succulent landscaping chores.

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