How to Make Succulent Soil Compost

This video demonstrates the way to make a great succulent soil compost.  To make your own cactus soil you just need a few ingredients to get started.  The exact proportions are not extremely important since succulents are great at adapting to their soil.

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The Best Succulent Soil Compost

Now in this video I want to tell you how you can make cactus compost and it’s so easy to make you be amazed at how easy it is.  Now all it is is three ingredients which are the first one which is John Innes, compost no. 2  or no. 3, and in this case I’m using John Innes no. 2.

The second ingredient is horticultural grit.  Make sure that the grit is no larger than three to four millimeter.  So it’s very small like this.

And then the last ingredient is sand – horticultural sand.  Make sure that you use your proper garden horticultural sand and not builders or sand from the beach which contains salts.  So there you go; just three simple ingredients.

I’m gonna show you now with the mixes and what you need to do.  It’s so easy you’ll be amazed at how simple it is.

So there you go.  Now this is what it involves.  What it is is three equal parts of each one.  It’s an equal part of each.  So it’s one equal part of sand, one equal part of grits, and one equal part of John Innes compost.  Now I’m using this size bowl because today I’ve only got a couple of small cacti I need to pot up but obviously if you’ve got a large cactus or a number of cacti and you need to make a large number of cactus compost then all you need to do is use a much bigger bowl.  You can use a bucket size.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using a teacup size or use a bath full.  Then just make sure these three exact equal measures; so three parts equal measures of the sand, the grit, and the compost.   It really is that simple.

So in this case I’ve ready put the grit in there both the compost and – that’s an equal measure of the John Innes compost.  Mix that into the grits.  That’s that one done.  And then the sand – the horticultural sand – equal measure again – straight into there like that and then all you have to do is mix it all in your hands.

Get a really really good mix.  Fantastic.   It’s a lot like making a cake – ha ha – it’s like making a cake.  And you have a really really good mix like that, and there you go. That’s it.  It’s really, really, really mixed.  Also just to let you know as well in this case that the sand and the grits have both been fully wash beforehand, but make sure that you give it a wash first.  That’s great.  There you go.

It really is that simple and of course you can make as much as you want or as little as you want.  Just make sure those equal parts of the sand the grit and the compost and there you go.

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Our Summary:  There are many opinions about how to make a cactus soil mix for cacti and other succulents.  Making cactus and succulent soil is easy and sometimes you can save some money over buying a premixed succulent soil.  Don’t be afraid to just jump in and get started.  Every succulent is unique so it is always a little bit of an experiment anyway.  The top organic soil for succulents is Dr. Earth Exotic Cactus & Succulent Soil.

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