See how to harvest Aloe vera gel the easy way.

How to Harvest Aloe Vera Gel

See how to harvest Aloe vera gel the easy way.
It is easy to harvest the gel from an Aloe vera leaf.

We have several videos posted that show slightly different ways of making Aloe vera gel from an Aloe leaf. Please enjoy this video and the audio transcript posted below it.

Hi everyone, good morning I wanted to share with you today how to cut open and fillet an aloe vera leaf and get all the benefits out of this little green gem here so if you go to the website go to the post I have a lot of really good information about all the benefits of the aloe and all the components about it or of it and why it makes it so wonderful for us and why we should include it into our diet every day or at least a couple of times a week whenever you can. I got into using the aloe gel to assist my digestive issues and so with the way I eat with the smoothies a green juice huge difference but there’s always little things that I’m looking to heal that aspect of my body and this little guy, this big guy, is doing wonders and I’ve been using it off and on over time but I am starting to implement it more often. Okay, so we are up close and personal with the aloe leaf here at least on your viewpoint.

So we’ve got this one thing to suggest when you are shopping for one in the store. Look for one that is nice and firm not too many blemishes or debts or gooeyness or softness you want this nice and firm all the way into the tip. Sometimes they can be really thin and kind of limp and you know that that’s a waste. There’s nothing there and I like to get the most out of my leaf so this one was really lovely. So it is so big it’s easier for me to go ahead and cut it into sections. I’m just going to do that ok, you want to cut some of that off it’s not necessary. Get a nice sharp knife and you have these sharp that’s where I have to put it back down these sharp sides you’re going to go take your knife and gently just going to shave it off. Use an angle you’re going to fillet it just kind of look on both sides. Are we getting a good angle here for everybody? Okay and just watch your fingers. It is slippery. Don’t let it get away from you. So I’ll just do these real quick and show you sometimes it’s easier to turn it upside down. Same thing and then do the same thing to the top just cut the sides. At this point, you can take a spoon and prior to that get a nice jar glass jar or a glass bowl that has a lid that seals real tightly. This one leaf will probably fit into this little jar here but best you can hold on to it and just get your spoon in there as deep as you can. Just pull it forward to you and angling the spoon sometimes helps and look at that lovely Aloe gel. I mean why go and buy it in a bottle where it’s processed and it’s in a plastic bottle.

When you can buy these whole leafs they are so much cheaper and get it in the whole food form and the nutrients everything is here it’s wonderful. Just scrape it and you’re going to have like this gooey consistency all over the place just be aware definitely have a cutting board or something that you can kind of clean off.

Then after that you just this rub it on your arms rub it on your face give yourself you know a body facial. Get the benefits while you’re doing all this. Okay get back into the camera so anyway so you do that then you’ve got these lovely chunks and just put them in the jar.

It’s fun when you’re playing with your food. So basically that’s how you do it and just continue with all the other leaves just right and just fill the jar up. Now I’m going to show you how to put this into your diet every day it’s super easy. What I like to do is, like the other day, I had two leaves and I just store them both in a big mason jar. I’ll put that in the refrigerator with a Mason label on it and also put the date on it. So I love this wide mouth mason jars that are BPA free. Put in the fridge but keep an eye on the date if you don’t use it but use it every day. You don’t want to look in the fridge and say oh no – none left.

What I do is make smoothies with it every morning. So I am going to show you a quick smoothie that I like to make a picture about two and a half cups of water this is going to be breakfast for Scott and I and the dogs, of course, they like their little balls. So just take some of the words of advice when you are starting out and you’ve never used it before start with this small. When I was starting with a small portion of it in your smoothie or in your diet to see how your body adjusts to it how your body responds to it Some people get a little bit of a cleansing reaction to it. I kind of built up a little bit depending on what my body needs I’ll put several chunks into it. I’ve known some people that will take the meat part of this whole guy and put it in. Well more power to you if you can do this great.

Right now I’m going to put this small portion in. In goes the aloe and the kale. I’m just going to shove it full of kale that’s what I do, I don’t measure. I’ve got this huge bag of kale at the farmers market over the weekend I got two huge bunches so I’m going to make kale chips smoothies and kale salads. I fill it full of grains. I put in water some aloe gel and lots and lots of kale. I’m going to put in a tablespoon of chia seeds or put in two tablespoons.

That gel feels so good on my arm so just if you put it on your face it’s okay when then you can wash it off after about 15 minutes or so. I had to a chunk of ginger left over from my tea. I bought some fresh figs yesterday at the market so pinch the top of… [unintelligable]… These are frozen bananas is about the equivalency of probably two. I usually break them up when I freeze them in these little sections. I’m going to put a few drops of the new naturals vanilla stevia. You can use your own sweetener of choice if you want one that’s just a beautiful green color. [snip]…

So here is a wonderful way to incorporate your aloe vera gel into your diet every day. Super easy and you do not taste it. A lot of people say that oh it’s bitter I can taste it. But if you hide it with your lovely greens and your fruits you will never know it’s in there but your belly and your body will benefit hugely from it. So make the greens be with you and be inspired come by Kimmy’s blended life and check out all the wonderful recipes.

We hope you enjoyed the video and the transcribed text. Here is another video showing how to prepare Aloe vera. Now that you know how simple it is to extract the gel from an Aloe vera leaf go ahead and get started!

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