Houseplants are Clean Air Machines

The University of Illinois Extension is one of a long list of universities that encourages using houseplants to clean the air. Research shows how toxic pollutants can build up in our homes and offices and how plants can efficiently cleanse the air. This short video, Greg Stack highlights these facts and calls houseplants clean air machines. A pot that helps the plants clean even more air at a faster rate is the Plant Air Purifier.

With all the emphasis being placed on ‘green’, we are always looking for ways in which to improve our environment. And one of those environments that I think we should be looking at is the interior of our homes. The homes nowadays are becoming tighter, less air transfer between the house the outside because, again, of energy savings. And as a result, the air inside of our homes tends to be filled with things that are maybe not the best for us over a long term.

These are just normal occurring things. The carpeting in your house, the upholstery, different types of things that you find, maybe in the kitchen or someplace like that, are naturally occurring and can basically build up inside the house and make the air maybe not the best quality. Not that this going to hurt you or harm you or kill you, but not the best quality.

Houseplants are Clean Air Machines

So, how can we improve that? Well, let’s look at our ‘clean air machines’. And the ‘clean air machines’ I’m referring to are just some common, everyday houseplants that you can find at most garden centers. I have examples of a couple of them right here. The simple Spider Plant, Dieffenbachia, Split Leaved Philodendron, are all great as being introduced into the house, and as they perform, as they do their job, they basically take impurities out of the air and replace it with oxygen that they give off. You might want to include a couple of these things in your home interiors. Put one on the coffee table. You might get a hundred square feet of clean air from one of these plants that are in about a six-inch size pot.

The other thing to think about with these plants is that they perform best when their leaves are clean. So you might want to, on occasion, take nothing more than a damp moist cloth, wipe the leaf surface of any kind of dust or debris, and the plant does its job better. Don’t look for any kind of fancy leaf polishes or that kind of thing, you really don’t need that. Just a damp, moist cloth is all you need. And again, these are some examples. So, include these in your interior, not only will they make the inside look good, they also may make the air inside a little bit healthier for you to breathe.

University of Illinois Extension

Summary: The video only specifically mentions three houseplants that will clean indoor air pollution. There are numerous plants, including some great looking succulents that clean indoor toxic air pollution.  These plants contribute to a healthier home cleansing the air.  It is a good idea to put them especially in the rooms where you spend the most time. Plants are also a great way to cleanse office air. This is good to remember since the air inside buildings can be just as bad, if not worse, than the air in a home.

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