Handmade Talavera Strawberry Pot for Succulents

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The bright, multi color design of Talavera pottery is perfect to display a variety of succulents.  Many succulents have shiny, evergreen leaves in varying colors. A careful selection of plants will be stunning in this shiny pot.  The openings are small so ideally choose slow growing succulents to display in this Talavera pot.

Handmade Mexican Talavera Succulent Pot

The unusual design of this pottery was derived from a mixture of Italian, Spanish and indigenous influences.  The process is elaborate to produce this attractive pottery. There is an interesting history behind the stunning pottery that is well worth reading.  There are serious collectors of Talavera pottery.  The purchase of this succulent pot may well be the beginning of a collecting experience that will be marked by color, historical influence, and pride.

The handsome color and design of this strawberry pot would make it the ideal focal point of the containers on your patio.  Placed in the center of your patio table, or on a stand next to the door, it will quickly become a topic of conversation by your guests and family.   Paired with bright, solid colored plates and drinking glasses you have the perfect summer party decorations.  However, your Talavera strawberry pot will remain an attractive decoration long after the party is over.

When filled with attractive, healthy succulents this Talavera strawberry pot would make an outstanding house warming gift.

Every Talavera Pot is Unique

  • Glazed and high temperature fired
  • Handmade in a few selected areas of Mexico
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor display
  • This Talavera Pottery is painted by hand in Mexico by creative skilled artisans. Every piece is totally unique and will vary from the pictures.

Size:  14” x 15”

Bottom Hole:  Yes

Remember that Talavera pottery should not be left out in freezing weather.

Grow one or many different varieties of succulents in this great looking pot!

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