Growing Zebra Haworthia – Flowering Haworthia Fasciata

This video shows a neglected Zebra Cactus making a comeback and it even has a flower stalk.  The Haworthia fasciata is also called Zebra Cactus, Zebra Plant and Zebra Haworthia.  It is a wonderful houseplant that looks good in any setting.  Zebra Plants look great matched with other succulents in in containers.

[Transcript]  Hello YouTube, Growing To Live here.  This is what’s known as a Zebra Haworthia or also known as Zebra Plant aka Zebra Cactus or Zebra Succulent.  This succulent considered sub-tropical found commonly in South Africa id grown by many as a house plant in terrariums and in succulent gardens.

Flowering Haworthia Fasciata – Zebra Plant

As you can see it looks similar to Aloe vera or Aloe be much smaller of course spikes like leaves and it fairly recently put out this flower stock.  And it is well over a foot tall.  So, you can see there’s multiple flowers on it.  Coming back down check out all the little pups that it put off.  Let’s see if the camera can get in there.  There’s one to three there’s a fourth down in there.

That’s very good to see so the mother plant is putting off little pups and down in the very center very hard to see but kind of by the flower it puts off new leaves through the center as well.  In this plant that you can notice he’s missing the tips over the top half of multiple leaves.  This was due in part by letting the soil dry out too much.

This is my sister’s plant actually and I helped her bring it back to life.  It was dying from a lack of water.  Also, it was in the freezing temperatures for too long so had some top die back.  Very resilient plant.  Even if you look close to the tips of these there’s some die back as well.  However, I changed its watering schedule you can see down in there the soil is a little damp still not drenched.  It’s also not bone-dry so I placed it in my greenhouse changed watering schedule.  It was in the greenhouse it was around temps between 64 degrees Fahrenheit upwards of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and that temperature along with higher humidity, humidity between 20% and 55% along with the controlled watering schedule allowed it to flower.

But not only that the controlled environment allowed it to send out those little pups.  Now I informed my sister that you can separate the pups and repot them and the mother plant the center plant will keep growing healthy.  It will also continue to produce pups for its lifetime as long as it’s given good growing conditions.

Now one neat thing about succulents in the Zebra haworthia along with Aloe vera and some other plants, even cacti will allow this as well is, you can separate all the pups and actually sell them or give them away to friends.  And it allows a cell creating business in a way.  So if you grow things like Aloe vera or Haworthias some succulents, some cacti, banana trees, bamboo is a little bit different but plants like that produce their own pups their own offspring that are already rooted.

Zebra Haworthia Care

  • Temperature:  65 – 86 degrees F.
  • Light:  Bright, direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.
  • Water:  Water plant thoroughly only when soil is dry to the touch.
  • Soil:  Provide airy, well-draining cactus and succulent soil.

Meaning you don’t need to take a cutting or you don’t need to air layer or clone the plant to get offspring to give away or resell.  So that’s an interesting fact about these types of plants.  Alright so this is the Zebra Haworthia.  I hope you guys enjoyed this video until next time.  [End of transcript]

Our Summary:  This video is showing an actual Zebra Plant, Haworthia fasciata.  It is not in great shape, but it is doing well after not being well cared for.  Also called Zebra Cactus, this is a great succulent to grow as a houseplant or for the office.

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