Growing and Propagating String of Pearls

This video shares some tips for growing and propagating the String of Pearls succulent.

[Transcript]  The String of Pearls, the plant that everyone wants and so desires in their own garden.  I’m going to show you exactly how to care for this plant and how to propagate it as well.  Valuable information and tips, stay tuned.

So, on today’s episode I’m gonna show you how to care for and propagate the String of Pearls plant.

Let me tell you something, years ago this plant caught me off guard and it had me at first sight.  I knew I wanted to have it then I had to get it right away.  However, when I saw it inside of a particular store it was being used for demonstration only or shall I say one of their plant models.  In fact, they could not even locate any more of these String of Pearls.  But I got very smart.  I searched the Internet high and low only to find myself going back to a particular store that I haven’t visited in a few years called exotic plants.

Let me explain to you what the String of Pearls, this you must understand, that the String of Pearls is actually a succulent and like all the succulents they hold their water in their leaves.  The String of Pearls actually holds water in every little pearl here.  I call them pearls because that’s exactly what they look like and I’ll tell you something right now one of the things I’ve found out how to keep this beautiful magnificent plant alive in your home is to simply make sure it has moist soil not soggy.

Growing String of Pearls

Make sure you use a well draining mix such as cactus mix, a good organic potting soil, compost, worm castings that’s very important.  As I explained in my previous videos there’s a number of products I use to combine an awesome mixture a dynamite mixture to give my plants the best.

Now some of my plants will require more or less of one two maybe three of those mixtures but depending on your plant you will have to adjust those soil amendments as necessary.  But for the String of Pearls we want to make sure we definitely make sure that it’s well-draining.

Now when it comes to watering.  You water as needed.  Again, I’m gonna tell you a little secret that I’ve learned a long time ago the String of Pearls have this glistening shine off of the pearls here when that dulls out your plant needs watering.  It’ll surely let you know simply by becoming dull.  I’m talking about there is absolutely no shine to the pearls.

Okay as the plant gets long you notice that they don’t get quite as big on the bottom here and I’ll tell you why.  It’s simply because you need to cut back roughly about up to here and when you cut it back look very closely I’m gonna cut it just above that pearl.  And when I do that I’m going to take about one two three four five I want about a good two inches maybe even three inches of these of this string inside of the soil to propagate it.

Propagating String of Pearls

Remember you want to take these pearls off and put only the part in there that’s the stem.  They grow relatively quickly and I’m telling you guys if you never propagated a String of Pearls plant it will grow faster than you could blink.  They trail down to about three feet that’s correct three feet.  So, you want to cut it off so you can keep the plant healthy.

Remember when these plants grow they don’t grow wide they grow long and stringy and so they tend to sort of get a little Spacey up in here.  And we want to avoid that simply by cutting down here and letting this fill in a little bit more.  It’s not gonna fill in much but hey enough is better than nothing.

String of Pearls Flowers

Now these don’t sprout any beautiful flowers, but they do have the little white flowers that seemed to pop up.  They’re not much to the eye but boy do they have a wonderful fragrance to them.

Now when it comes to insects and disease mine stay free and clear so there’s no personal advice I can give you on that.  By the way remember those little white fuzzy flowers, leave them alone there’s nothing wrong with your String of Pearls that’s how they bloom.  Like I’ve told you before they’re pretty insignificant when it comes to size but I’ll tell you again they have a sweet scent.

This plant is popular because it’s unusual and a conversation piece not for showy flower display.  So if you want something to have a bigger bold display you’re looking at the wrong video.  This plant is very majestic and it will literally catch the eyes of anyone who walks into your house.  Try to have this plant up on a pedestal or hanging because that’s where you want to have it simply because it trails over.

Maintaining a String of Pearls

When it comes to fertilizing you want to use a water soluble fertilizer an all-purpose mix.  Don’t over fertilize guys.  Once a month is enough for this beauty when it comes to growing it most people will grow it on a front porch somewhere in the shaded area where it gets bright light but indirect bright light.

Many have problems growing inside your home but I’ll tell you something right now, follow my recommendations and you too can grow this beautiful String of Pearls in your home.

Listen, thank you guys for joining me here on a proper care and propagation of the String of Pearls.  With love from my heart to yours Martine Brazil I thank your again for joining me here on exotic tropical houseplants.  [End of transcript]

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