Great Succulent Varieties for the Office or Home

In this video Debbie shows a number of succulent varieties that are easy to grow and maintain. All the various types of succulents have their own unique beauty and characteristics. Some succulents do better indoors and others thrive outdoors.

It’s time now for the Five Minute Gardener. Now we’re seeing some wind out there but it won’t last forever so time to start spring planting. Here’s Debbie Mounce with how to plant succulents in the pots on your patio.Ok, hello all in Tucson, we’re always looking for stuff that is going to be drought tolerant and still be beautiful in our patio. One thing I want to talk to you about today are the succulents and how incredibly gorgeous they can be, especially if you have a grouping on your patio of pots. And I brought you a lot of really unusual ones to take a look at today. And just think about it, having a big pot full of succulents with a bunch of little ones out it’s wonderful!

Easy to Grow Succulent Varieties

Anyway so let me start over here this one over here is called Portulacaria or the common name for it is Elephant Food. Now we probably don’t have too many elephants in Tucson but anyway my guess is this is eaten by elephants in its native Africa. A cool plant, really nice, and lots of different varieties of that one.

Now right here straight in front of me here I have three different types or two different types sorry of Aeoniums.  Now Aeoniums are so exotic looking as you can see. This one is called Sunburst Aeonium. It has a little pink on the edge with a little yellow in the leaf. It’s just really stunning.

Here’s another Aeonium, a dark purple one. This is a one of the favorites, people’s favorite’s succulents. This one is called Donkey’s Tail or Burrows Tail whichever you prefer and it’s a hanging succulent which is very cool. Here we have an Echeveria. I have a couple other Echeverias over here. There’s one right here and another one right here. They are all so really wonderful.

Now one of the most the other most common succulents that people use are the Jade Plants and the Jade is in the family of the Crassula and there’s lots of different types of Jade. And I happen to have one right here that’s a little unusual. You probably have not seen this one before. This one has really dark purple red edges on the leaves it is just gorgeous in its coloring and everything.

Now one of my other favorites are the Aloes. There’s a huge family of Aloes and this little Aloe is one I have at my house and this is one of my favorites. A lot of your Aloes cannot take full sun as all of these other succulents; it will only want morning sun and afternoon shade. But this guy, this little one is called Blue Elf and this guy can take a lot more sun than a lot of the other Aloes. And as you can see it’s putting up this beautiful stalk. All of your Aloes and a lot of your other little succulents will bloom. So this little guy look at the little teeny tiny plant in this little teeny tiny pot and look at the size of this bloom stalk, what a show, it’s great.

Ok, I’m Debbie Mounce and I’m your Five Minute Gardener.

Our Summary: There are many hundreds of different succulent varieties that can be used as houseplants or in outdoor landscaping. It is fun to see some of these varieties of succulents like were shown in the video. Each species of succulents has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being a great houseplant. The key is finding the right plant for the right spot in your house or in your office.

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