This Dwarf Jade Bonsai plant is perfect for beginners and comes in a bonsai pot with a matching tray.

Dwarf Jade Bonsai in Water Pot with Humidity Tray

Dwarf Jade Bonsai in Shallow Bonsai Pot

Originating in the dry regions of South Africa, the Dwarf Jade Plant, or ‘Elephant Bush’, is a succulent plant.  It is a very undemanding plant, well suited for individuals who travel often or who are prone to forget to water their plants.

Thick, round, dark green leaves and delicate pink flowers sit atop fleshy stems and branches.  These succulent features hold water for long periods of time.  Though it grows to heights of 10 feet tall in its native habitat, it is an ideal bonsai for a beginner; this beautiful plant is easy to care for and will be a thing of beauty for years to come.

Comes with humidity tray and decorative rocks to counteract the effects of indoor dryness and outdoor windiness.  Excess water collects in the tray and slowly evaporates; increasing the humidity around the tree and improving the growing environment.  Your bonsai tree thrives while windowsills stay dry and debris-free. A tray can also be used outdoors to improve conditions in dry or windy sites.

Dwarf Jade Bonsai in Water Pot Details

Each live plant is shipped with the Phytosanitary Certificate as required by the USDA.

  • SIZE:  Your medium bonsai comes in a 10″ water pot.
  • AGE:  This Dwarf Jade Bonsai is 5 years old.
  • CARE:  Indoor Care – Your order will be carefully wrapped in a custom designed corrugated carton and delivered with detailed care instructions.
  • WARRANTY:  Your bonsai tree has been grown in a state-of-the-art greenhouse under precisely controlled conditions to achieve optimum health.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your tree or with our service, please notify us within 30 days of receipt.  We will correct the situation to your satisfaction.

The reputable company that grows and ships this is Brussel’s Bonsai.  Through Amazon they also sell two less expensive options without the tray.  A smaller Dwarf Jade Bonsai plant in an 8 inch pot and a Dwarf Jade Bonsai in a 6 inch pot.

A 5-year old bonsai plant is usually much more expensive than this.  Jade Bonsai’s are perfect for new and experienced bonsai growers.  The Dwarf Jade Bonsai plant is known to live for many, many years even when in less than ideal growing conditions.

The bonsai pot and matching tray are just the right size to show off your Dwarf Jade Bonsai.

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