Dr. Earth Organics at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

For quite awhile we have recommended Dr. Earth organics for both succulent soil and fertilizer.  These quality products are used by experienced gardeners everywhere because they work!  If you don’t want the time, expense and trouble of making your own succulent soil compost we recommend using the Dr. Earth potting soil.

This video is an unsolicited testimonial about the great results from using Dr. Earth products.  Growing cactus and other succulents is very different than growing roses.  However, the overall principle of providing nutrient rich organic soil to grow beautiful and healthy plants is the same.  Succulents thrive when they have a living organic potting mix.  The roots are stronger and better able to absorb the available minerals and other nutrients.  In a high quality soil there is a thriving community of beneficial soil microbes that help the host plant.  These soil microbes are included in all the Dr. Earth potting soil blends as well as the fertilizers.

Becoming America’s best rose garden doesn’t happen by accident. It comes with good planning hard work and using the best products. We begin the year with a massive pruning day where hundreds of volunteers come and learn how to prune roses. Four thousand roses are pruned and the beds cleaned in about 90 minutes.

Then after a few weeks of dormancy we begin fertilizing. Our choice is Dr. Earth’s organics. Over the past five years it is proven to be the best choice and helped us achieve the rank of America’s best Rose Garden. We like using Dr. Earth in the garden because it is people and pets safe. There are no GMOs, chicken manure or bio solids and that’s important to us.

We use the Life fertilizer because application is so easy. All you have to do is spread it around the base of the plants. There’s no need to work it into the soil.

Well I think we should use organic fertilizer because Dr. Earth does a good job with providing all the nutrients to the soil while being environmentally friendly and organic and it’s just a good way to take care of plants. Dr. Earth’s organics releases quickly, it lasts several months, it has been infused with probiotics or beneficial soil microbes which keep the soil alive.

We like organic fertilizer because it’s nature’s way of really getting down to the root of the roses. It’s the most asked question we get from visitors – what fertilizer do you use? We are firm believers in Dr. Earth’s products, the results speak for themselves.

Dr. Earth Organics for Succulents

Our Summary:  If you ever have the opportunity to see the San Jose Municipal Garden in person you should take it.  When you see the tremendous variety of beautiful roses it will take your breath away.  Remember that some roses are sensitive and can be tricky to grow.  It says a lot that for many years these roses have been thriving with the supplemental Dr. Earth products.  That is one reason we have been sticking to using the Dr. Earth Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix.  It will help you grow beautiful hardy succulents.

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