Dr. Earth Fertilizer Before and After Results

You just can’t go wrong with Dr. Earth fertilizer no matter what types of plants you are growing.  We particularly like the Dr. Earth organic fertilizer called Root Zone for all of our cactus and other succulents.  All of the Dr. Earth products are organic and safe for both pets and children.  It is quick and easy to apply to both potted succulents and outdoor plants.

In this video enjoy seeing the before and after results of using the Dr. Earth organic fertilizer.

Applying Dr. Earth Fertilizer

Alright let’s feed this container plant. As you can see it’s a little tired looking and hasn’t been fed in a long time. This is going to greatly benefit from using Organic seven. It’s an all-purpose fertilizer that is going to address all of its nutrient requirements. So again it’s a five gallon container. We want to give it approximately 1/2 a cup of fertilizer. Here’s a half a cup you take the fertilizer
simply apply it to the soil surface with your fingers on a cultivator slightly scratch it in.

The soil level is kind of low so this is going to greatly benefit from additional new soil. Dr. Earth potting soil is perfect for this application. You simply apply another Oh inch inch-and-a-half is a good ratio. Pack it in just a little bit and if you get a little messy that’s fine you’re gonna water it in.

So take your watering wand and just simply water it in evenly. And the showering wand if you heard me say a thousand times is your best friend because it’s gonna blend the fertilizer and the soil together. Now you wait about five minutes. Make sure that the container is thoroughly moist then come back and then water it down again. This will ensure that the fertilizer and that the soil have been blended together thoroughly.

This container spread you don’t have to deal with it for another two months.

[35 days after applying Dr. Earth Potting Soil and All Purpose Fertilizer.]

You look at these plants. Remember when we fed these guys about a month ago. They were tired almost like twigs. They were just about to die. This is exactly 35 days later. This is what Dr. Earth does. This is just one of the many, many examples of how Dr. Earth works. This is the biological package that you hear me preaching about all the time.

This is just one very simple example of what Dr. Earth does. Look at this, they’re full of blooms everywhere. There’s thousands more little buds just waiting to explode. I mean this is just beautiful. This was a tired old plant that I inherited. Somebody gave us they’re just about to throw out. I brought it home we taped it you guys saw the whole thing look at it now it’s just beautiful they’re both a little crazy.

Our Summary:  Do you want your succulents to be healthy and possibly produce more flowers?  The answer is to use a great premium organic succulent fertilizer like the Dr. Earth Root Zone formulation.  Succulent growers have found excellent results using this cactus and succulent fertilizer.

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