DIY Potting Succulents the Easy Way

There are no great secrets to potting succulents successfully.  There are some things you can do to make succulent potting easier and to end up with healthier plants.  This video has some tips and shows some easy ways to pot succulents.

Hey guys.  It’s Mai today.  I’m going to be showing you guys how to pot succulents and like different kinds of ways to do it.  So I’m going to put all the things that you need in the down bar below.  So let’s just get started.

Potting Succulents

To start off you’re going to need some pots and if your pots don’t have a draining hole you’re just going to pour a layer of rocks on the bottom.  And I got small baby succulents because I think they look a lot more cute like that.  And I just got them from West Elm Home Depot and also just garden stores around my town.  I like using the cacti that aren’t as pointy as regular cacti and I’m using small baby succulents which are so much easier to work with.  And in this pot I’m just depotting it because I wanted to make it a little more sorted.  So I’m just taking it out so that way I can repot them.

To start off you have to take out the succulents from its original packaging and then just dust off all the excess soil so that way the roots are free.  And then you’re just going to put them into the little new pots with the new soil.  And I also found that using a plastic knife is so much easier than using a garden tool because succulents are so small.  And you’re just going to make little wells and then put the succulents into them and just pack them in lightly.  Then you’re just going to repeat the same process of taking off the excess soil and just shaking them off with all the other succulents that you have.  And then you’re just going to basically place all the succulents in the way that you want to and that’s basically it.

I also forgot to mention that you don’t have to necessarily use cactus soil for this because I just use regular soil that I had in my backyard that was already like store-bought.  And I used that and it worked just fine.  But when you use cactus soil it comes with a lot of minerals and stuff inside of it that help dehydrate the soil which makes it less watery.  So if your soil is really watery make sure you don’t water your succulents for a good like two or three weeks so that way they don’t get really mushy and overwater.

After rearranging it a hundred times this is what the first one I made looked like and I like it.  I kind of like doing the different layers of the tall and short one – so yeah.  And if you see a random hand popping up that’s my sisters.  We definitely do this together and it this kind of thing is super fun to do with your friends and stuff.  So I definitely recommend it. So this is the second completed one that I did super simple but I just think they look so cute when it’s like really minimal.

After you finish potting all them next we move on to the rocks.  So basically you’re
just going to pour the rocks on top to fill in any gaps over the soil.  And this just makes it look a lot more cleaner and it just helps so that the soil doesn’t like move around.  And it helps to keep your succulents in place.

So these are my finished DIY potted succulents and basically I am going to bring these to my dorm room or just like decorate them around my house.  And they’re super easy to take care of.  You can just water them like once every two to three weeks.  They don’t need that much water.

And yeah – so if you guys are interested in these kind of videos please let me know.  And leave a comment on the down bar – which one you liked and tell me if you guys are doing it too.

So thank you guys so much for watching this video and I’ll see you guys in my next one.


Our Summary:  The soil for succulents is probably the most important part of potting new succulent plants and also when you transplant them.  Use a succulent and cactus potting mix for best results.  The soil preparation for succulents is crucial if you want vibrant healthy plants.  You can save a lot of time and sometimes even money buying a cactus and succulent soil blend instead of making your own.  The brand of succulent potting mix we recommend is Dr. Earth Exotic Cactus & Succulent Soil.

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