Diatomaceous Earth for Houseplants Including Succulents

This video talks about using diatomaceous earth for houseplants to kill fungus gnats.  Diatomaceous earth is great for houseplants including all cactus succulents.  The video describes several methods to apply the DE to the top layer of soil.  It works well to put diatomaceous in succulent soil when you pot your plants.

Hey everybody! Welcome to my channel. In the last video update that I did many people notice that I have fungus gnats and asked how I control them. So today I’m going to show you exactly how I do it. They multiply very fast so if you see 10 you have a hundred in a few days. If you let them go out of control they’re pretty annoying they’ll eat and chew on roots of your plants. If you have young plants that could be damaging but except larger plants they’re not too much of a problem.

Diatomaceous Earth for Houseplants and that Includes Succulents

Today we’re going to show you exactly how I do that many people use different method and use whatever works for you. This is a cheapest method for me because I use diatomaceous earth and basically these are little particles that are really fine but under the microscope they’re very sharp and I use them for my yard so that’s why I have them available.

Let me show you what they are. This is the brand that I use and I use this around my yard to control ants and roaches and whatever that’s crawling out there. That’s what I have available so I use it for the top. So what you do is you want to keep your soil very dry at the top because if this is wet it will not work.

Let me show you what happen when it’s wet. See when it’s wet it’s sort of like caked in and it doesn’t have that powdery thing that would stick to the bugs so don’t use it when it’s wet or your soil is wet and because it’s not very effective.

These are how you should do it as you can see the top soil is very very dry and you just sprinkle over the top and as soon as they land on it it’ll stick to them and then it will just kill them in a matter of hours because like that as I mentioned these things are very sharp for them. So there’s one gnat right there it’s having trouble right now because all of the diatomaceous earth is sticking to it.

To control gnats you just want to kill them before they can multiply and this is the best way to do it because as soon as they land on it it’ll stick to the leg stick to the wing and it’ll kill them and so they can’t multiply.

That’s pretty much how I do it’s very simple. I just take a little spoon and I scoop some of those in here and then just sprinkle it across your soil. Make sure the soil is dry and you want this as a fine powder.

You see this one here have a few gnats in there and that’s struggling right there. And that’s one in there and the corner just trying to try to move. There’s a few actually. So I treated this yesterday and immediately I noticed there’s no more pests flying around so it’s pretty effective and a very cheap method.

You can find it on Amazon you can find somebody at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. Many of you may wonder how to keep this topsoil completely dry. If you have these in buckets or container that are not the cup style where you can lift one cup and feed if from the bottom well here is my, one of my dragon plants and this is in a ornamental pot I guess. So the way I keep my topsoil clean is I just use a medicine dropper.

I cut the top of it you can cut cut right here and then cut the top and then I just pour water through there and it will feed the plants down here and then the topsoil is completely dry. So anytime the fungus gnats land on that then will just get stuck with a bunch of those powder and then it will kill them eventually.

And another way that I do this is by using these funnels. These funnels are 99 cents each so it’s pretty cheap to buy. So I got a few of them that’s in there and then you can also use what I use on my outdoor plant PVC pipe and just stick it down there and feed it through the tube there. But yeah those are just some of the simple ways to feed your plant and not get the top layer wet.

That way you can control fungus gnats and they won’t multiply if they can’t lay eggs.

That’s it guys that’s how you use it make sure the soil is dry sprinkle on top put them everywhere use your finger to spread amount of you’d like these are not harmful for you but don’t breathe em in.

I hope this video will help you and those that have asked in the last video I hope this would answer your questions and if you have any other questions please leave it in the comment below and thank you for watching.

Our Summary:  Diatomaceous earth kills more than just fungus gnats.  It will essentially kill any insect that crawls across it to get some of the powder on it.  Diatomaceous earth will not harm your cactus or succulents in any way.  You can mix it right into the soil when you are potting a succulent or spread a thin layer over the top of the soil for already established plants.

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