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Airy Natural Air Purifier Review

AIRY - Natural Air Purifier pot.

It is well documented that house plants, including succulents, can clean toxins from the air in your home and office.  After extensive research this Airy Natural Air Purifier Review will highlight the pros and cons of using this pot to…

Best Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix Review

The best cactus and succulent soil will help your succulents thrive.

    The best cactus and succulent soil mix product should be affordable and convenient, but most importantly, it should work well.  After extensive research we unreservedly recommend Dr. Earth Exotic Blend Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix.  This high quality…

The Plant Air Purifier Review

Plant Air Purifier Pot

After extensive research we were highly impressed with the Plant Air Purifier.  It is a pot that has been specially designed to enhance the amazing indoor air pollution cleaning ability of houseplants.  In another article we compared this pot system…