About Succulents

There are hundreds of types of succulents.

20 Types of Succulents

Before describing the many, many types of succulents it helps to state what a succulent is. The technical definition is “plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy”.  This is not a strict botanical identification because succulents may be in many different plant categories.  They are sometimes simply referred to …

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Mix your own potting soil for succulents.

Best Soil for Succulents

To say there is an absolute best soil for succulents or a foolproof homemade soil recipe is not really reasonable.  The types of succulent plants are so vast and varied their soil requirements also vary.  However, given the unique water storing ability of succulents, generally any potting soil prepared for cactus will work. Succulents and …

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