Category: A-Z Index of Succulents

Lace Aloe, Aloe aristata – Details, Growing Tips

The succulent Lace Aloe, Aloe aristata, is often used as a houseplant or in offices since it is easy to care for.

Common Names Lace Aloe, Guinea-fowl Aloe, Torch Plant, Bearded Aloe, Hardy Aloe, Bristle-tip, Torch Aloe Scientific Binomial Name Aloe aristata Description of Lace Aloe, Aloe aristata The Lace Aloe is a wonderful stemless succulent with soft lanceolate leaves growing in…

Zebra Cactus, Haworthia fasciata – Details, Growing Tips

Zebra Cactus, Haworthia fasciata are a great office plant. This succulent looks attractive and is easy to care for.

Common Names ‘Zebra Cactus’, ‘Zebra’, ‘Zebra Haworthia’, ‘Zebra Plant’, ‘Haworthia Zebra’ Scientific Binomial Name Haworthia fasciata, Haworthiopsis fasciata According to many sources the genus name for this species has changed from Haworthia to Haworthiopsis.  Since our article was already written and has…