Bonsai Tree Starter Kit – Complete DIY Kit

Some succulents can be perfect as bonsai trees but where do you start?  This Bonsai tree starter kit has everything you need to start this wonderful hobby.  It is a complete do-it-yourself kit for beginners or even children.

Complete DIY Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

  • Complete Bonsai Tree Starter Kit with a Live 4-year old Petite Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree ready to plant
  • Includes Ceramic Pot, Figurine, Training Wire, Decorative Pebbles & Stones, Potting Mix, Drainage Hole Cover, Instruction Guide
  • Ceramic Pot is approximately 5″L; Tree is approximately 5-6″ Tall with 4-6″ Spread
  • Japanese Juniper is the most popular tree for bonsai, Easy to shape and style tree
  • Estimated delivery 2-3 business days

Juniper Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Amazingly this comes with an aged 4-year old bonsai tree.  Generally the older a bonsai plant is the more character and unique distinctions it has.  At a garden center or a big box store most of the plants being sold are less than a year old.

Some purchaser are disappointed that the tree they received looks more like a bush and not like the tree shaped plant in the photos.  The plant is sent this way on purpose so the buyer can have the joy of shaping the tree to their own desire. The pruning of the bonsai is one of the more joyful and satisfying parts of growing bonsais.

Tips:  The instructions that come with the kit are just on a small business card size card.  It is a very simple and easy project to pot your new bonsai but it will help if you do not lose the instructions when unpacking the package.

This bonsai tree starter kit makes a great gift!  If you will be waiting for more than a few days to give this to someone just make sure the juniper tree gets some light and water in the meantime.

Side Note:  The Juniper is not a succulent so why would we list it here in our store?  We just couldn’t resist. This is such a great and inexpensive kit to help someone that wants to get started growing bonsais.  Once a person has confidence we would suggest they choose a Dwarf Jade Plant as their next bonsai tree.

We have Bonsai Kits available for all budgets and levels of expertise. Be sure to check out our entire selection of Bonsai Kits exclusively designed, grown, and manufactured by Jmbamboo.

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