Health benefits of Aloe vera include using it topically and internally.

Benefits of Aloe Vera – Dr. Axe Video

Many health benefits of Aloe vera!

In this short video, Dr. Axe describes some of the health benefits of Aloe vera. He mentions some of the health rewards from using Aloe vera topically and internally. You will also enjoy the transcribed text of the video (Posted just below the video) if you prefer reading it. We also have another article about Aloe vera uses for your health that you may enjoy.


Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. Today I want to let you know about an amazing healing herb that is known around the world. It’s Aloe vera. And Aloe vera has so many healing properties. Many that we all probably aren’t aware of. And I can remember as a kid going out, getting out in the sun too long and my grandmother and my mom lathering me up with aloe vera and we really saw some great results. We noticed that our skin and our bodies healed faster when we were consuming or using topically, aloe vera on our skin after a sunburn and that is its most common use today. But I will tell you again, aloe vera has so many incredible healing properties and I really wanted to share some of those with you today.

Health benefits of Aloe vera include using it topically and internally.
There are numerous health benefits of Aloe vera.

One of the most incredible healing properties of Aloe vera is that it fights cancer, according to Journal of Immunopharmacology in 1995. They did studies and found that Aloe vera actually can fight cancer. And one of the reasons that Aloe vera can fight cancer, help heal burns on your skin, in your stomach, is because it contains a type of sugar called polysaccharides. You can go online and Google these benefits.

Polysaccharides are also found in goji berries and honey. They’re found in fermented things like apple cider vinegar. But Aloe vera contains large amounts of polysaccharides. And what polysaccharides are known for is cell communication. They actually help your cells communicate with each other which can actually help a cell telling another cell to actually kill off the cancer cells. So that’s how it works.

And cell communication, think about how important this is in your body. Let’s say you get a cut on your hand and that’s trying to heal. Obviously, there are other factors like your brain sending messages there. But Aloe vera can actually help improve your overall cell communication which can allow that area to heal faster.

Also, Aloe vera is a natural anti-bacterial and so if you have a cut or a burn, aloe vera keeps that bacteria at bay so the bad bacteria can’t cause an infection and slow healing.

Some of the other amazing properties of Aloe vera. Aloe vera is used in large amounts today in organic skin care and body care products, especially shampoos and moisturizers. Aloe vera clinically has been shown to naturally thicken hair. It’s been shown to strengthen nails. There are so many benefits of aloe vera. It’s great for hydrating your skin, improving moisture ratios overall in your body. So again, aloe vera is used for many things.

Also it is great for digestion. Just like Aloe vera can help speed up the recovery and healing of a burn on your skin, something like acid reflux, like an ulcer. An ulcer is basically a burn of your stomach or burn in your stomach area. Aloe vera can help speed and heal the recovery in your body. Also, in your gut and in your intestines, it’s been shown to be effective against Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s diseases and IBS. So getting a good quality aloe vera supplement or juicing the actual plant is a great way to support your digestive system, support your body in fighting and preventing cancer, support your body in healing different burns and cuts and scrapes.

And I can tell you, I was in a cycling accident about 10 years ago, I got hit by a car, fell off my bike, had a road rash all over my body and the doctors wanted to give me Neosporin and some other things at the time. What I actually used, I went to a holistic doctor at the time and I just wrapped my whole body in Aloe vera and it healed very, very quickly. So again, whether it’s a road rash, a cut, or a burn or just, in general, you’re trying to get your digestive system healthier or thickening your hair, aloe vera is the way to go.

So look for Aloe vera in these forms. I use it in my shampoo today, I use it in moisturizers. I will put it in smoothies. Look for a freeze dried or a cold pressed aloe vera online and get a brand that is freeze-dried. You don’t want aloe vera heated up too high because that can denature those proteins and sugars that make up a polysaccharide which is really where a lot of the healing benefits are with Aloe vera. So hey, use aloe vera liberally this week. Again, there are so many amazing healing benefits.

We hope you enjoyed the video, the transcribed text, or both. There are many medicinal uses for Aloe vera that people have used for decades. Keep researching and you may find some health benefits from Aloe vera for yourself!

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