Beautiful Succulent Plants for Everyone

Beautiful succulent plants for your home.

Succulent plants in copper pot.

The variety of beautiful and interesting succulents seems endless.  There are hundreds of types of succulents with fascinating shapes and colors.  Many desert succulents will live healthy lives much longer than humans.  Some of the best succulent plants also have medicinal uses topically and/or internally.

You can grow succulents from seeds.  They are also easy to propagate from the leaves and cuttings. They grow best when you use specially prepared soil for succulents.  With a little patience, you are almost guaranteed success in starting a new succulent plant.

Easy to Maintain

Succulents are among the easiest to grow and maintain of all plants.  Most of them will thrive even with little sunlight and infrequent watering.  With a little experience it is also easy to tell when you are underwatering, overwatering or if they are not getting enough sunlight.  It is as if the plant is telling you what it needs.

Great for Children

Teaching children how to garden is one of the best things you can ever do for them.  Succulents are a great way to get them started.  Most succulents are hardy plants that can endure some unintentional mild abuse.

Purchase Succulents Almost Anywhere

Succulents are so popular now that you can find them for sale at nurseries, garden centers, big box stores and home improvement stores.  There are also many websites that sell succulents online.

Indoor and Outdoor Succulent Plants

Succulents are wonderful houseplants.  There are numerous varieties of succulents that have lots of beautiful colors and interesting shapes.  Most of them are slow growing so there is little trimming and repotting.

They also thrive outside, of course, as part of your landscaping or in movable pots.

Health Benefits

For centuries people have used various succulents for food and for health issues.  We have published several articles about the remarkable Aloe vera plant.  There are many studies showing that succulents are among the plants that purify indoor air.  There is also evidence that some succulents are among the natural ways to improve your sleep.

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