Assortment of 15 Different Succulent and Cactus Cuttings – No 2 Alike

15 Assorted Succulent and Cactus Cuttings Description

15 different freshly cut succulent cuttings that are 2- 4 inches in size.  Incredibly no two succulents are alike in this order.  This means you get a wide variety of different cactus and other succulents delivered right to your home.

Succulent cuttings are very easy to grow.  Just plant them in some good cactus and succulent soil and they will root in 1-3 weeks depending on the variety of plant.

Your order will come with full growing instructions included!

This is a great collection for starter plants, mini gardens and terrariums.  This varied collection enables you to create attractive, eye catching arrangements.  Another option is to grow any of the plants individually in their own pots.

Several customer reviews mentioned a few of the cuttings were small, but 2” is not large.  The quality was excellent and the cuttings rooted easily. A quick and easy start for any new gardener, OR a fast way to expand an existing succulent collection.

Don’t think that ordering larger cuttings will be much better.  You might pay a lot more for larger cuttings but they still have to be planted and rooted in soil.  The smaller cuttings like in this order seems to be the popular way to get them.  Smaller sized cuttings root quickly and do not topple over while they are getting established.

It is possible to get free cuttings from a friend or family member but probably not in such a variety.  Always expect that there will never be 100% of the cuttings that take root and grow to maturity.  No matter how healthy cuttings are there will always be a few that don’t take root.

The grower and shipper, Sensual Succulents, has a great reputation for delivering high quality plants.

These plants unfortunately are not labeled but they are easy to identify with an Internet search, especially after they have grown larger.

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