There are easy ways to remove the gel from an aloe vera leag

Aloe Vera Gel Extraction Process

There are easy ways to remove the gel from an aloe vera leag
It is very simple to extract the gel from an Aloe vera leaf.

Shown in the video below are the very simple steps for Aloe vera gel extraction. The whole process to harvest the Aloe vera just takes a few minutes. We have a full article here:

Here is a transcript of the video “Aloe Vera Gel Extraction” if you would prefer reading it.

How’s it going everyone I want to show you right now how to extract the gel out of aloe vera. Aloe vera is a wonderful plant to boost the immune system has great anti-cancer properties. It could be used also for your hair or you can make a shampoo out of it. You can use it as a gel for some burns. For burns, it has a lot a lot of health benefits. [snip]…

For now, let me just show you how to extract this gel which I like. You can either eat it raw like I like to do sometimes or you can mix it in juices. Let’s get to it okay so we want to start off here with cutting this end part off. There you go this one leave it aside you still have gel in it and we extract everything. Now you can cut this in two pieces if you want we’re going to start off taking about four to five inches off of here and then cut it in half. There we go and what we want to do want to take off this spiny part here.

Okay try to get it as close as possible and so not to remove too much of the gel. All right now that we have it this way we just took off these side parts just to make it easier. I just like to cut it here like that and it’s cutting into portions to make it easier for you to cut and extract the gel. This stuff is kind of slippery. All right now we’ll just place it this way and I’m going to do is go under it and just there we go like I said try to get it as close as possible we’re going to scrape all this off.

Oh, I say it’s very slippery. I’m just going to get the green off of here. I’m just going to cut off a few portions off this strip here and place them in this container that I have. All right next one same procedure and there we go all right so we finished. Here’s our aloe vera gel that we extracted. Very simple to do is you can see and a plant that has excellent benefits for your health.

As you can see it is extremely easy to make Aloe vera gel. There are numerous health benefits to eating freshly harvested gel straight from the Aloe vera plant.

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