Many people use Aloe vera to get rid of wrinkles and to help with other skin conditions.

Aloe Vera for Skin and Hair Improvement

Tips to Use Aloe vera for Skin and Hair Improvement

This video and the transcribed text reveal some ways to use Aloe vera for skin and hair as well as 8 other uses.

I have right here an Aloe vera leaf and this is actually from my plant in my back yard. I have a huge plant. So the prickly thingies are basically on Aloe vera to ward off insects. That’s why if you look at the Aloe vera plant leaves there are no bug bites or holes or anything on it because these things work.  Though it smells it has a very distinct unique smell. Some people will love it some people hate it. I’ve actually grown to like it. It’s bitter, it smells super bitter but um it doesn’t sting or anything when you put on your face but it’s something that smells very earthy.  I really I’ve grown accustomed to like earthy smells.

Many people use Aloe vera to get rid of wrinkles and to help with other skin conditions.
Aloe vera is used to treat wrinkles and improve hair.

So this is a leaf, I’m going to show you guys how to extract the gel from it. So you just cut a piece of the leaf off and then we’re just going to kind of peel that green part out from all around it and the gel part is basically that clear middle part. That’s where the gel comes out from.

So Aloe vera was actually called the plant of immortality by the Egyptians. The gel from the Aloe vera plant is what we use on the hair and the skin and the nails and the gel is made up of 96% water. It also contains vitamins A B C and E which are all super good for our hair and skin.

So number one Aloe vera is used for acne treatment it helps reduce acne because it is an anti-inflammatory and a bacterial agent it stimulates the growth of new skin which promotes healing the acne.

Number 2 use is to reverse the signs of aging. So Cleopatra the queen of Egypt used Aloe vera on her skin every single day. She used it on her body and her body was super healthy and glowing. If it had this really nice glow and shine to it and that was one of her secrets was using the Aloe vera on her entire body and it also brightens your skin tone. So this is an all-natural thing you can put on your face to brighten it.

Number three is to soothe eczema and psoriasis. You just take some of the Aloe vera gel and you rub it on the areas that are itching or if you have like hives or rashes. I broke out in a lot of hives and rashes a couple of years ago and nothing would work. I went to doctors over to the emergency room they gave me medications. They put me on steroids. Nothing would get rid of the rashes and the hives and it just started to spread all over my body until I started using like herbal stuff and just natural stuff. That’s what actually got rid of my eczema symptoms and Aloe vera is one of them and this is an all-natural product so I felt super safe using it. It also has such a cooling effect when you put it on your body so I really liked it and it really reduced the itching so much so also thankful for that. So Aloe vera is great for eczema and psoriasis.

Number four is heat protection on your hair by putting it on your hair and then letting it dry for about a minute or something. Then you can use your curling iron on your hair or use a straightener or blow-dry it and it leaves your hair so soft and so nice and glossy. Which brings us to tip number five.

Tip five is shiny glossy hair. Now this gel, you put it on your hair and you let it kind of air dry. It makes your hair so shiny and so glossy without any of the grease. It’s really like amazing the results that it gives your hair. So you can actually use this gel like as a hair gel and it will make your hair stiff or anything. It’s super soft and manageable.

Number six is skin hydration so Aloe vera gel increases the water content in your skin and it does this without giving you any kind of grease. It provides your skin so much hydration and moisture.

Number seven you can use Aloe vera gel as something for your hair to grow it faster and longer. What you do is you want to massage this onto your scalp and what that does takes all the dead skin cells off of your scalp. This, in turn, helps the new hair to grow in.

Number eight you can use Aloe vera gel for chapped lips. All you need to do is rub a little bit of the gel onto your lips to promote a healing on the lips like the crack dryness it will heal it and also it will give you instant hydration and moisturization. And it will also help with the pigmentation like if you have super dark lips it will help to get it like down to a natural color.

Nine, you can use this to soothe irritated skin. Now this includes if you cut yourself while you’re shaving small cuts wounds and burns. You can use this for sunburns. All you do is you just rub a little bit on the area where it’s irritated and it will give you instant healing. So what it does is gives you like well it gives me like this cooling sensation and then it relieves the itching which is super important to me because I don’t want to use some kind of chemical to relieve the itching. Especially cortisone I don’t want to go to cortisone to relieve my itching symptoms. I’d rather use something like this. Now you notice that is safe and natural.

Number ten and the last way you could use Aloe vera gel is for puffy eyes. Now I love this one. This you can dab a little bit of the gel under your eyes and it relieves the puffiness. If you wake up in the morning and you had like a crazy night or whatever and your eyes are puffy you can dab a little bit on the under eyes and it really helps reduce the puffiness and at the same time, it will help lighten the under-eye circles that you have. So it does two in one for your under eyes and that’s why I love Aloe vera because you can use it for so many things like these ten things are just ten things you can use it for.

There’s like so many things you can use this gel for. It’s all natural and I really recommend you guys get a Aloe vera plant because it’s really pretty to me. It’s very pretty and you can just cut the leaf off and you have your gel right there. You can also buy Aloe vera gel at the store. You can get it at Walmart, Target, anywhere. It’s super inexpensive too so that’s great and those were my ten ways that you can use Aloe vera gel for your beauty, your hair and skin care.

We hope you enjoyed the video and have benefited from the transcribed text.  There are many people that have had wonderful results using Aloe vera for skin and hair improvement.

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