Aloe nobilis, Gold Tooth Aloe Care

This video shows and describes the Aloe nobilis, ‘Gold Tooth Aloe’ or often called ‘Golden Toothed Aloe’.  There are also some tips on growing and watering.

Good morning guys and welcome back to my channel. Hopefully everybody’s doing well today. I just wanted to come with a very quick video and show you guys I’m doing a series where I’m showing you guys some of my houseplants and a little bit of light care tips for my houseplants that I followed.A lot of my plants are very young so it’s pretty much going to be a journey and I’ll be more than happy to give any updates. Any questions that I was unable to answer I’ll be more than happy to answer if you leave a comment below. Please don’t forget to Like and subscribe.

Aloe nobilis, Gold Tooth Aloe Care and Tips

So let’s get into it this is a ‘Golden Toothed Aloe’ also known as an Aloe nobilis. They can grow from to be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches. They like part shade to some Sun not too much Sun because just like any other aloe they can sunburn.

The way that they reproduce is by means of offsets or some people call them pups. Some people call them babies like for instance this is one right here. This is how actually how big these guys were. This one and this one when I first got them and then this was the mother plant right here. It’s pretty big guy right here. And this guy wasn’t there. So as you can see as you pot them up and you give them happy healthy conditions.

As far as watering goes you only want to water when the soil is completely dry. And then reduce watering in the winter time um. Maybe wait, I personally like with other Aloes, like I said this one is quite new, but I personally wait at least a month and a half in the winter time. I want to be very very careful because plants are not growing as much as they normally would during normal growing seasons. And then a winter time so they’re not using up as much water and that could introduce you to root rot which will actually kill the entire plant and any other babies. And also that root rot can affect the soil. So even if another one might look healthy it could possibly be getting sick pretty soon if you don’t repot it and try to save it as best as you possibly can.

I did purchase this plant from Walmart for a little under $4 and it wasn’t looking too great but I brought it home and I plucked off some of the dying leaves um and I’ve repotted it in a nice 5.5 inch pot. And just put a little bit of fish tank um gravel just you know like the rocks that you will put in the bottom of a fish tank.

Just you know as a top dressing just to make it look a little bit more nice and you’ll see in my other videos I like my things pretty uniform. And as well another purpose that that serves when you have succulents or cacti or Aloe what’ll happen is when you water especially when you wait between waterings the soil the top layer will dry. So it’ll take a while for it to soak into the soil and all the while your Aloe or your succulent or your cacti are sitting and water and that can be damaging to the to the leaves and also cause root rot.

So what will happen is this will keep that water off of them because it’ll actually sink down. It creates a barrier between that water and your Aloe.

So because I’ve missed anything please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. And as I said before I’ll be more than happy to answer it to the best of my ability. Oh and another thing that I forgot, these guys come in a range of different colors.

Depending on the conditions that they’re growing in and depending on how happy they are some people have a technique called stressing which that they do with their succulents their Aloe and different Echeveria and [?] and different things like that. They will create certain conditions in order to induce certain colors you know as far as an aesthetic appeal. There’s no really no damage or no benefit that it gives to the plant other than it induces certain colors because they’re looking for a certain look. So you may see these pictured and different colors and whatnot but the conditions that I have under currently and this is the color that it gives me.

And they do also give out on sprout stalks I believe it’s in the springtime. Mine has yet to flower for me but I will be more than happy to give the update if I noticed any sprouts um coming out.

Thank you, guys. Thank you for watching my video. Again, if you have any questions if I haven’t covered anything let me know. Check out my other
videos on my other houseplants and you guys have a great great great day.

Our Summary: The ‘Golden Toothed Aloe’ is sometimes called ‘Golden Tooth Aloe’ or ‘Gold Tooth Aloe’.  Whatever you call the Aloe nobilis it is a dramatic looking succulent that will look good in your home or office.

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