Plant Air Purifier pots accelerate the plant indoor air cleansing substantially.

Airy vs Plant Air Purifier vs Andrea – Comparison Chart

This plant air purifier pot comparison chart is comparing the Airy Natural Air Purifier, Andrea Plant Purifier and the Plant Air Purifier. Each of these indoor air cleansing systems has some pros and cons that should be considered before any purchase. Below we have provided links to separate full review articles on each purifying pot brand that provides more details.

Airy Natural Air Purifier vs Plant Air Purifier vs Andrea

Full Article >> Airy Natural Air Purifier Plant Air Purifier Andrea Air Purifier (1)
Ratings 3.8 3.9 2.8
Lowest Cost $79.99 (click to verify) $99.00 (click to verify) $199.12 (click to verify)
Includes 1.7 qt water storage
Water level indicator
Expanded clay
Activated carbon
100 page instructions
1 outer planter pot
1 inner slotted pot
1 power supply
1 bag of ceramic media
2 bags activated carbon
8 page owner’s guide
Not available
Energy Cost Zero Apx $3 per year (2) No information
Effectiveness 8 times more effective (3) 60 times more effective (3) No credible data
Size 11.6 x 11.6 x 13.2″ 8.5 x 8.5 x 8″ 12.2 x 12.2 x 16.2″
Weight 4.3 pounds 6 pounds 6.2 pounds
Manufacturer Airy Green Tech U.S. Health Equipment Oriduru from Japan

(1) We do not recommend the Andrea Plant-based Air Purifier at this time.
(2) The actual cost of running the fan will depend on your local electricity rates.
(3) Using the pot with a single plant is this many times more effective than using just a regular pot.

As mentioned in the footnote above we are not recommending the Andrea Plant-based Air Purifier. There is just not enough credible science based tests done to confirm its effectiveness. Also the consumer reviews are very low on every website that has sold this product.

Both the Airy Natural Air Purifier and the Plant Air Purifier have some great attributes.   It you are more concerned about a high amount of toxins you would likely consider the Plant Air Purifier as the best choice. If you are more concerned about energy costs or quietness the Airy Natural Air Purifier may be your preferred choice. They are both great units and either one is a good choice to help clean up your indoor environment.

The science behind specific plants cleaning indoor air toxins is abundant and confirmed. It does take quite a few plants though if you live in a large dwelling or spend time in an office. The time and cost it takes to purchase and maintain all the plants must be considered when calculating the purchase of one of the plant air purifying pots. Using the right plants along with these amazing pots will cleanse the air in your home or office. You will also need far fewer plants when you are using one of these pots. If you are concerned about needing too many purifying units remember they can easily be moved from room to room. Moving it to a new room every day or two may mean that you do not need additional pots although that will not be the ideal way to do it.

Plant Air Purifier pots accelerate the plant indoor air cleansing substantially.
Click on the image to check the available colors and current price.

Cities and offices are taking the lead in pioneering the use of plants to clean the air. Cities in China are being designed and built as ‘forest cities.’ To combat the horribly toxic air pollution in China these cities will build plant covered skyscrapers and other outdoor structures and features using plants. The results should be cleaner air which will help improve people’s health.

Because of the contained environment, unclean indoor air is often much worse and more hazardous than outdoor pollution. Therefore, these amazing air filtering pot systems should be a healthy addition for every home and office.

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