AIRY - Natural Air Purifier Succulent Pot - Will help clean polluted indoor air.

AIRY – Natural Air Purifier Pot – Clean Indoor Toxic Air

The AIRY Natural Air Purifier pot is perfect for succulents.  Grow succulents in your home while cleaning toxic indoor air at the same time!  The AIRY plant pot has been proven to help clean indoor pollution in homes and offices more than just plants by themselves.

AIRY – Natural Air Purifier Pot Description

AIRY´s contemporary design makes it not only a trendy accessory for your home or office, but also a healthy one.  What most of us don’t know is, that indoor air is frequently more polluted than outside.  This is called the Toxic Home Syndrome.  The air we breathe inside can contain up to 900 harmful chemicals (volatile organic compounds) or particles.  The average person spends 90% of her time inside. Indoor air quality matters!  This is where AIRY helps in a natural way.

A NASA study published in 1989 identified the roots as the key to cleaner air.  This is what AIRY does.  Our patented pot increases the air flow past the roots of the plants by a factor of 8.  The AIRY-System can neutralize about 75% of the most dangerous environmental toxins in a room of 200 sqf (roughly 50 cbm) in only 24 hours.  What this means for you: a lot of fresh air!

At the same time, AIRY provides the plant with ideal conditions to grow.  With AIRY, ANY plant will grow magnificently through ideal care.  Compared to plants in ordinary pots, AIRY plants grow bigger and are much healthier.

AIRY is not a plant pot.  AIRY is an air-cleaning system based on plants.

What is Included?

  • 1 AIRY with 1.6 Liter water storage
  • Variety of 8 colors
  • Water level indicator
  • Expanded clay as a drainage layer for the water supply
  • Activated carbon for filtration of pollutants
  • AIRY-Book (100 pages) with full information on air-purifying plants and pollutants (VOC’s)

Imagine a Device – A Succulent Pot

  • which re-codes the air in your environment and neutralizes the toxins.
  • which produces fresh, clean air.
  • which has its own energy source and is off the grid – it needs no power. Not even a filter-change is required – ever.

Combine AIRY for example with any of these plants: 

For the bedroom:
Sansevieria trifasciata:  Benzol, Formaldehyd, Trichlorethylen, Toluol, Xylol
Aloe Vera:  Benzol Formaldehyd
Phalenopsis:  Toluol Xylol

For the office or living room:
Spathiphyllum:  Benzol, Formaldehyd, Trichlorethylen, Xylol, Toluol, Ammoniak, mold
Dracaena marginata:  Benzol, Formaldehyd, Trichlorethylen, Xylol, Toluol, Ammoniak
Anthurium Andraeanum:  Formaldehyd, Xylol, Toluol, Ammoniak
Hetero Helix:  Benzol, Formaldehyd, Xylol, Toluol

Different plants are better at filtering particular particles and more suitable for specific locations. Ask a question if you want more information about which plant could help get the most out of AIRY

AIRY Purifies Your Air

You can find some 30 plants worldwide, which are capable to convert pollutants into nutrients.  This process only happens to a small degree in the leafs of those plants – up to 90% of the effect is happening in the roots!

A key requirement:  the roots must be able to breathe.

AIRY is the first plant pot, which cleans the air indoors.One AIRY system (pot, substrate, plant) can neutralize about 75% of the most dangerous environmental toxines in a room of 172 sqf (16 sqm) in only 24 hours. 

AIRY is 8 times more effective than a usual plant pot in purifying your indoor air from pollutants like Benzene, Toluene, Formaldehyde and Ammonia, and it doesn’t need power and no filter!  It is 100% natural.

AIRY Helps Your Plants Grow Better

AIRY is not only a well designed accessory for your living area, it also keeps 1.6 liters of water.  The watering interval can be reduced to a minimum.

Also potting the plant is reduced to a bare minimum and repotting is a thing of the past.  AIRY limits the growth of the roots: roots grow as long as there is resistance through the soil or a pot.  When a root reaches the vents of our AIRY pot, it stops growing.

As you can see, AIRY comes with a “green thumb”.

At the same time, AIRY provides the plant with ideal conditions to grow. With AIRY, ANY plant will grow magnificently through ideal care.

Compared to plants in ordinary pots, AIRY plants grow bigger and appear much healthier.

AIRY Natural Air Purifier is Award Winning

Toxic Home Syndrome

“The toxic home syndrome” or “Sick Building Effect” are well established facts. The UK government published a website to highlight the side effects of cleaners, glue, paint etc.  Indoor air may contain up to 900 harmful chemical and biological pollutants.  We spend 90% of our time indoors.

AIRY Will Help Clean Indoor Air

Space Science

It is a based on NASA research. In the late 1980’s NASA conducted a study of interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement (published 1989). NASA was looking for a natural, non energy absorbing
method to clean the air in space and found that plants are the best method.


AIRY is supporting “Klimapatenschaft”, a German based organisation for managing “green logistics”. As a first step our shippings are carbon-neutral.

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