Air Purifying Succulents that Cleanse Indoor Air

There are many succulents that look beautiful in your home or business. Additionally, many of these succulents are plants that clean indoor air pollution. Our homes and offices are often filled with toxic indoor air pollution that is unhealthy and even dangerous. Succulents that cleanse indoor air can improve the air quality in your home or workplace and help you feel healthier with plants.


Hi! Welcome back to youtips4u. Today I have some great tips on how you can improve the air quality in your home. Now in the wintertime when we have our house is nice and sealed up to keep in the warm air and save our energy we often miss out on a lot of fresh air circulation that we would have if we had windows open like we do in this warm summer months in the spring months. Or actually if you have central air conditioning and you seal up your house in the summer to keep the cold air in and the humidity out. Then you’ve got the same situation in the reverse which is a buildup of toxins in your home – stale air and air that’s not the best for us.

Air Purifying Succulents that Cleanse Indoor Air

But there is something we can do to remedy that situation and that is to have plants in our home. Plants actually absorb the toxins and the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and they release oxygen into the air, fresh oxygen that we can use to breathe and feel healthier. Now just like the rain forest is a big oxygen producer for the world plants can have that same effect on our homes and I recommend that each of your rooms has at least a plant or two in it.

They say if you have a 2,000 square foot home you should have at least 15 plants to keep the air fresh and clean. Now that’s a lot of plants try to have at least some plants and especially locate those plants in the rooms that you spend a lot of time in. So if you’re in your family room a lot or maybe you have a basement that has maybe some windows that you have a little light coming in for the plants. Scatter them in those areas to improve your air quality and I personally have several favorites that I find easy to take care of and that actually have a very high level of toxin reducing.

And those would be Philodendron which I have here. This is a philodendron and you see they grow long and down on a vine. They are so easy to take care of they really do let you know when they need water. If you forget about them you know the soil gets dry obviously but also they start getting yellow leaves and you go oops I forgot. So you start watering them and as you can see they really grow nice and long and the longer and the bushier they grow the better. They are for absorbing the toxins in the carbon dioxide out of your atmosphere.

I mean there are all kinds of things that produce toxins in your home from cleansers that you use to clean your house. Too, if you’ve painted there’s paints, your carpeting it gives off air pollution. Everything gives off some type of low residual toxin. Probably the most things I have in my house is cleansers and when I run my wash machine you know I use Clorox, chlorine bleach. Mine I can smell it right away or the dishwasher when that’s running all of those things they gather in your home and they stay in the air and you’re constantly breathing them.

Okay, another plant that I like that’s very easy to take care of I have one here this is the Spider Plant and she makes little spider babies that hang down and we’ve got one so far here. And sometimes I have three and I will snip them off and I will put them into like a little small little dish with a little rim and I’ll fill it with water and then she’ll make some new roots and then I’ll plant it. And then I’ll have a new spider plant. I have several of these plants.

This is another philodendron family this is a Pathos and again great for cleaning up the air in the environment, easy to take care of. Right away you’ll see if you
need to give it water. It will start getting kind of like little brown edges or something and you know to water it. So it’s easy to take care of.

The best plants for cleaning toxins out of the air are the ferns, the palms and the Ivy’s. Those are the best plants that actually remove the most toxins from the air. I like the Philodendron and the Spider Plants.

I have several other varieties of succulent plants in the house like I keep a Aloe plant in case I get a cut I put that on right away or burn and it heals it very quickly. And I have violets and things like that but these are plants that are so easy to take care of.
You can make cuttings from them so that you can make more of them and fill them throughout your house and all the rooms that you actually live in most. And you will have cleaner fresher air in both the summer and the winter.

Okay, so I hope you’ll find that tip very helpful and that you can enjoy some fresh clean air in your home and reduce the toxins. And it’s always great to have a green thumb and plants are a happy thing to have in your home. They add color, they add to your décor, they’re really fun.

I love taking care of them. It’s nice to nurture something and I love to watch them grow down and I think you will too. Okay and don’t forget we’ve started our youtips4u forum so if you have questions that you’d like me to answer in a video please do send me your messages send me your questions and don’t forget to subscribe because my subscribers will get the first order of questions answered. They get first dibs. Okay, all right and I love your comments. I’ll be continuing to answer those as well.

Thanks again for tuning in but bye now, see ya.

Our Summary: There are many benefits to filling your home with the best succulents for air purification. You will love growing succulents and they will help your whole family become healthier.

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