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Aeonium Kiwi 2” Succulent Plant – Aeonium haworthii

The Aeonium Kiwi is a brightly colored branching shrub succulent.  The leaves have shades of cream, red and chartreuse as well as a  soft yellow center.  More color appears at the edge of each leaf which is trimmed in red.  The plants develop as rosettes at the end of stalks that reach 6 – 12″ tall and 2 -3″ wide.  If you place your plant in sufficient sunlight it will produce bell shaped flowers at the end of stalks that will extend another 8” from the plant.

“Kiwi” Aeonium – 2 inch Potted Plant, Aeonium Haworthii

In the Aeonium succulent family, the ‘Kiwi’ is the easiest to grow and is the hardiest.  This makes a delightful plant to give as a gift to someone unfamiliar with growing plants.

The attractive Aeonium Kiwi is also known as:

  • Aeonium Decorum Kiwi
  • Haworth’s Aeonium
  • Pinwheel

As with all succulents, this attractive plant is drought tolerant.  However, if left outside in high heat conditions they will die.  The optimum temperature conditions is 65-75F.

The Kiwi Aeonium remains dormant in the hotter summer months and prefers cool shade during that time.  When dormant the leaves will start to curl.  This just means it’s dormant period has begun, not that it is stressed or dying.  If provided some water and shade they will live through their dormant stage and restart their active growth through the fall, winter and spring months.

SHIPPING:  Your plant will be wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a box.  Plant orders are shipped within 3-5 days depending on availability of the plant. We’ll try to ship during the week to avoid weekend delay. If you need your order urgently, please message us so we can upgrade your shipping.

If your plant appears dry or stressed when you receive it in a bright location without direct sunlight for a few days.  Water when the soil is dry and gradually introducing more sunlight.  Some plants may have a bit of bruise on their leaves, but they heal and create new leaves quickly.

Aeonium Haworthii, Aeonium Kiwi 2″ Potted Succulent

This plant grows easily inside as a container plant or outside in the right area.

Flowering:  Your Kiwi may produce flowers in spring to midsummer.  These plants, however, will not die after blooming as do most Aeonium varieties.

The size, shape and colorful leaves of the Kiwi Aeonium make the Kiwi a perfect center for a combination succulent container garden. Unlike most succulents, the Kiwi Aeonium does best with just a standard potting soil.   They will even grow well in outside soil unless the soil is predominantly clay or extremely acidic or alkaline.  Water only when the soil is almost dry, and enjoy!

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