Who are we?  We are a married couple with years of work, travel, and play together.  We have spent much of our married life in large metropolitan cities, but we have also lived in a remote Native American town and on the stunning shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.  Regardless of where we were living, we seemed to have stumbled upon a hobby that revolved around some form of nature.  We are casual birders, avid gardeners with more zest than results, and rock hounds including fossils.

While living along the north shore of Lake Superior we added ‘Stargazer’ to our list when we witnessed the northern lights for the first time.  As Wikipedia states, a “Stargazer is an observational astronomer, particularly an amateur.”

Over the years we have explored numerous national parks and other wilderness areas.  Our favorite areas to explore involve the Sonoran Desert.  In the desert southwest you can find unique rocks, gems, fossils, petroglyphs, Native American ruins and numerous types of wildlife.   Of particular interest are the fascinating and unique desert succulents especially when they are in bloom.  It is easy to think of the desert as a desolate and barren landscape.  The Sonoran Desert, however, has over 2000 native plant species.

We are now retired in the southwestern United States.  We are not restricted to the structure of a daily work schedule.  So, we tend to get distracted and our attention wanders to whatever looks interesting that day.   Enter the wonderful, forgiving world of succulent gardening.   Our favorite fact:  You can forget to water them because you heard the desert is blooming and you jump in the car for a road trip.  Do our beautiful succulents care that we didn’t check to see if they needed a morning drink even though it is 115 degrees outside?  No, they still thrive.

We have many different types of succulents growing indoors as house plants and outside as part of our landscaping.  We have spent many years identifying, researching and growing succulents.  Please enjoy our research, tips and the fun facts about the beautiful and unique world of succulents.

Wishing you success,

Marie and Joseph Spencer