9 Pot Stackable Flower and Succulent Tower Planter – Terra Cotta

This 9 pot Stackable Flower and Succulent Planter is terra cotta colored.  Terra cotta is often described as the perfect color to showcase lush succulent plants.  The space saving design and color works well with succulents,  flowering plants, herbs, or any plant that will fit a 5″ pot. The multiple drainage holes help ensure the soil will not remain waterlogged after irrigating your plants.

9 Pot Stackable Succulent Planter, Terra Cotta Color

Each planter is made with polyethylene plastic that is BPA-free and FDA approved for contact with edibles. You’ll never have to worry about chemicals leaching into your garden.  You will now be able to grow big, healthy plants with ease.

The Stacking Planter allows you to maintain several plants at once.  Your plants will be in one compact unit.  The durable resin material is completely weatherproof.  The color won’t fade under the heat of the sun and is both crack resistant and rust-free.

The flower tower has a total of 9 pods that can hold up to 5” potted plants.  You have the choice of planting directly into the pods or using potted plants for less hassle.  Each separate pod has drainage holes that prevent excess water build-up and allow for proper irrigation of the lower levels.

The base tray rotates, so you can adjust its position for maximum sunlight exposure for all your plants.  You can also adjust the unit to highlight certain plants inside your home.  Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the EMSCO Stackable Flower Tower is a simple, yet effective way to jump-start your home garden!

This Stackable Flower and Succulent Tower Planter is unusual, practicable and found to be especially desirable by over 100 customers. Some of the comments were:

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Stacking Tower Succulent Pots Features

This space saving planter enables you to enjoy as many as nine individual plants or plant combinations in the pots provided.  A water catching tray fits neatly under the stackable tower and is included with your purchase.

HOLDS MULTIPLE PLANTS – This 3-tier planter can hold up to 9 different plants at once!  Mix and match a large variety of different succulents, flowers, vegetables, and herbs!  This planter helps you save space, while adding style to your home.

EASY TO USE – Each pod can accommodate 5” wide potted plants, allowing you to swap out plants with ease.  No additional digging is needed, and you don’t need to go through the hassle of replanting when you want to replace your plants.

ROTATING BASE – The base tray rotates to allow plants to catch sunlight and water.  Strategically position this tower in an ideal location to give your plants the nutrition they need.  Drainage holes under the pods enable water to trickle down to the lower levels, ensuring that all pots receive proper irrigation.

USE BOTH INDOORS AND OUTDOORS – Grow plants outside your home or inside your home!  This flower tower is a great accent to any garden; you can even use it to start a small herb garden inside your kitchen!

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made out of a highly durable resin material, this flower tower is totally weatherproof.  Leave it out in the scorching sun or the rainy season — it won’t crack or rust.  It features a stylish finish that makes it look like a real clay pot.

The EMSCO Group which manufactures and ships this has been making high quality products for over 150 years.

Upgrade your home garden now with the EMSCO stackable Flower and Succulent Tower!  If you’ve got the plants but not the space, then this gardening accessory is perfect for you!

This 9 Pot Stackable Succulent Planter also comes in Earth Brown, Sand and White.

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