An inexpensive set of 8 different cactus and other succulents in 2 inch pots.

8 Cactus and Succulent Plants Collection – 2″ pots

These are small in only 2″ pots but at a great price!  You receive a variety of 8 cactus and other succulents that are healthy, colorful, and unique in texture and shape.  To provide you with the best plants the grower will choose them based on the season and the health of the individual plants.  Along with different cactus you may receive plants from a variety of different sedums, echeverias, euphorbias and more.

Assorted 8 Cactus and Succulents Description

Start or grow your collection of cactus and succulents with this great deal!

  • 8 gorgeous cactus and succulent plants in 2 inch plastic planters
  • Cactus, euphorbias, sedums, echeveria and more. Growers choice
  • Guaranteed 8 different varieties of cactus and succulents
  • From a California licensed nursery and grower

Can be kept separate or planted together in attractive arrangements!

Amazon Question:  Can I keep them in the pot or put them in another one? When should they be watered?

An Amazon answer from Fat Plants:  I suggest that you replant them carefully in larger pots.  They will be much happier and healthier over time. You need to water them sparingly.  It is always best to let your succulents dry out completely between waterings.  A very dry succulent is much easier to bring back to life than a wet one.  Water is the number one killer of succulents.

These 8 cactus and succulents will grow at different rates depending on the species and the growing conditions.

Enjoy placing these indoors or outside.  These small but cute cactus and succulents can also be given as gifts or used at weddings and for party favors!


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