3 Natural Stone Shaped Ceramic Pots, Sandstone and Slate Color with Bottom Holes

Top Feature:
Small Ceramic Plant Pots (2.4 inches high) – Perfect for holding a single small succulent, herbs or a cactus plant.

Stone Shaped Ceramic Pots Description

  • Small Ceramic Plant Pots – Perfect for holding a succulent, herbs and cactus plants.
  • Indoor Use – Ideal for windowsill and office table decoration; Perfect Gift for Weddings, etc.
  • A small Drain Hole on the Bottom.

Caution: ***Plants are NOT included***

Pack of 3; Dimension: 13.5 x 6.5 x 6.2cm / 5.3 x 2.5 x 2.4inch (L x W x H).

Location:  Although small in size, these attractive pots would look nice in a man’s office, man-cave or a den.  The small size makes them a perfect addition to a desk or a small table.

Recommended succulents:  a Zebra Plant (Haworthia fasciata), Lace Aloe (Aloe aristata),  Baby Jade (Crassula ovata) or Pincushion Cactus (Mammilaria)

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