Enjoy a variety of three different Aloe succulent plants in 3 inch pots

3 Different Aloe Plant Varieties – 3″ Pots

You will receive 3 different varieties of the Aloe plant with this order.  No two will be the same.  The Aloe varieties are chosen based on the season and only healthy plants will be shipped.  These are well established plants in 3 inch pots.

3 Aloe Plant Varieties

The grower will choose three gorgeous Aloe plants from 25 available varieties!  You will receive three healthy mystery Aloe plants.  These can be grown together or separately.  We recommend repotting them into nicer pots right away to enjoy their beauty.  If you decide to grow them together be sure to use a larger pot that they can grow into over time.

Aloe plants are all easy to grow and will still thrive even if you forget to care for them.

These can be grown indoors as houseplants or almost anywhere outside in a succulent garden or on a patio in an attractive pot.  They will do best if you plant them in a premixed cactus and succulent soil.  These can be grown in offices as long as there is some natural or artificial indirect light.

Only water these plants when the soil is dry all the way down to the roots.

If you receive an Aloe vera plant among the three that is the only one that should be used topically or you can ingest the inner gel of the leaves.

These Aloes are grown by the famous Fat Plants of San Diego so you can be sure they will be high quality succulents.  Curiously these are most often not labeled to identify the variety but you can find out by searching on Google or Bing if you really want to know.

Larger than the common 2″ pots these plants have a great start and there should be no problems giving them a new home.


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